YoYoTech returns, and joins the Bit-Tech forum

YoYoTech returns, and joins the Bit-Tech forum

The new look YoYoTech.

Bit-Tech is delighted to welcome PC systems and components retailer YoYoTech into our partner forums, giving you - our readers - direct access to the people behind the brand.

The original YoYoTech closed down earlier this year due to financial difficulties but the brand has since been snapped up by Centerprise International Ltd and is up and running again, offering PC components, complete systems and system bundles through its website.

Thanks to this new investment YoYoTech has been able to open a new production facility that will allow it to offer a larger range of PC systems. YoYoTech founder Charanjit Kohli described the facility as, "amazing, on a scale that we would never have dreamed before... The new premises means that YOYOTech is able to implement all of its plans from the past 10 years"

In celebration of this YoYoTech has some special 'Yellow Label' offers, including £150 off several systems and reductions on many components too.

As part of its partnership with Bit-Tech, YoYoTech will also be offering to Bit-Tech forum members £50 off orders over £750. There are also plans to offer free shipping and there will be daily special offers too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

As with our other partner forums, YoYoTech will have representatives regularly available to answer all your queries in its forum. So whether you're having problems with an order or just want some advice be sure to give them a poke.

So if you haven't done already, pop by and say hello to our new partners.


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seanbean 20th September 2013, 18:50 Quote
Great news!
woods 20th September 2013, 20:14 Quote
I bought my current system from them 3 years ago an i750 warbird and although it still runs every game I throw at it I was planing on upgrading from them this summer, because I don' t have a credit card to buy online I was just about to make the trip from Harwich to London when I found out they had closed so I was gutted. Glad to hear that they have reopened even though its no good to me cos the London shop remains closed, I will have to try and find another pc builder in the London Essex area. But thank you yoyotech for the last 3 years of gaming bliss
SchizoFrog 21st September 2013, 05:28 Quote
Unless they plan to reopen the retail shop then they are just another system building website which isn't for me. I can't see their component prices being able to compete in the long run with Scan and Amazon either. At least YYT offer a FREE delivery option although it isn't the default so don't get caught out if ordering.

On a side not has anyone else noticed how expensive Ebuyer has got over the last couple of years? Every time I check they seem to be the most expensive AND charge extra for delivery.
Dave Lister 21st September 2013, 09:01 Quote
I seem to remember using them a few years ago for parts and they must have been competitive or I would have purchased from another retailer.
The Bear 21st September 2013, 09:27 Quote
Guys we are still same old team based in Hemel Hampstead now. You are most welcome to collect your kit from us as along you have called in to reserve. Going forward our aim is not to compete with other etailers by stocking every single line on earth, We will only sell parts which we are using for our builds and have fully tested, hence no crap :) We hope we get your support so that we can stick to our path and service the like minded enthusiasts with service and support we all desire.
Kovoet 21st September 2013, 09:28 Quote
Used them for a long and they never let me down. For me they always went out of there way to help. So good to see them back and I hope there second life is a successful one.

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MrJay 21st September 2013, 10:37 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
On a side not has anyone else noticed how expensive Ebuyer has got over the last couple of years? Every time I check they seem to be the most expensive AND charge extra for delivery.

The delivery charges really rub me up the wrong way. I may live in the Isle of Wight but all major couriers recognise us at Mainland UK. We even have a Porthsmouth Postcode, I've phoned these couriers several times and they confirm they don't charge extra for shipping here, we won't usually get Next day delivery but it's usually bloody quick.

Will give YYT a go when I next need something : )
t5kcannon 21st September 2013, 11:29 Quote
Good news, welcome YoYo Tech.
coyote 21st September 2013, 11:50 Quote
Welcome YoYo Tech it's good to have you here.

Originally Posted by SchizoFrog

Welcome YoYo Tech it's good to have you here.On a side not has anyone else noticed how expensive Ebuyer has got over the last couple of years? Every time I check they seem to be the most expensive AND charge extra for delivery.

Yes, I have. I won't buy from e buyer any more mainly due to the postage costs, but their prices are getting way over the top on some items.
cookie! nom nom 21st September 2013, 12:36 Quote
hell yes you guys rock!
PingCrosby 21st September 2013, 12:49 Quote
Aw that's good, they're a good company
TheMadDutchDude 21st September 2013, 15:21 Quote
Congrats on the return. I wish you all the best, YoYoTech. :)
Snips 21st September 2013, 18:05 Quote
What excellent news for the community! Good luck for the future ;)
MrJim 22nd September 2013, 09:59 Quote
If their prices are competitive I will definitely use them, as I live just down the road from them, which is convenient. Two things occur to me though, from a brief look at their new website:

1) Their trading address is quite hard to find; it is on the 'returns' page, but personally I don't like to have to hunt around for the info, it should be on the 'contact us' section.

2) I dislike the use of non-geographical phone numbers! Not only that, but they don't state how much calls to it will cost. Of course it does depend on whether you're calling from a mobile or land-line, or indeed the phone provider, but an idea of cost would be useful. Better still, just use the standard geographical number!
johnnyboy700 23rd September 2013, 06:59 Quote
Welcome back YYT, I used you for my first PC build and various bits in the past and was sad to see a good e-tailer close.
I'll definitely use you again in the future.
Parge 26th September 2013, 16:39 Quote
This has been my experience of YoYoTech thus far.

I ordered a fairly large number of watercooling components from the sale on Friday 13/09. When I went to pay for the order, there appeared to be fault in the delivery options screen, which meant that I only had a few options to choose from, not including regular delivery. I selected the cheapest delivery method available (pre 12pm at £14.99) and then sent an email to support notifying them of this.

They got back to me on the Saturday 14/09 saying they would look into it. On the Monday they got back to me acknowledging that I had experienced a bug and they would refund me the difference in prices of delivery. They also realised at this time that the tubing I had ordered had been booked into the system incorrectly, and in fact wasn’t available, which was fine, but a little frustrating.

My order was shipped on the 16th, and a delivery attempted on the 17th. However, I was out, and so the package was sent back to the depot. When I rung TNT to have it redelivered they had lost the parcel, so I had to ring YYT, as they were the senders, to see what the score was. They located the parcel on the Friday, and said they would have it redelivered to me on Monday. However, when this didn’t arrive, I rang YYT again, but the person who was dealing with my query wasn’t about. Whoever I spoke to said I would get a call back. However, I never received a call back on that day, Tuesday or Wednesday, or if I did they didn’t leave a voicemail.

Now, when I ring (Thursday), no one ever answers the phone, and what’s more my parcel status on the TNT site says ‘awaiting customer collection’ – which is a bit annoying because the depot is miles from my house and I don’t own a car.

I’ll be frank. Not a great start lads.
Parge 26th September 2013, 23:28 Quote
So, I took it upon myself to call TNT since YYT weren't answering. I spoke to their customer care team (who, in fairness, were very helpful), and they told me that the bottles had fallen over in transit and leaked everywhere and were in 'undeliverable condition', and that they had tried to get hold of YYT but like me, no one was answering their phones. This meant that if I wanted what was left of the parcel I had to go up and get them myself.

So, with little other option, I left work and went up to Enfield to the depot to collect what was left of the delivery, a journey that cost me a little less than a fiver in Oyster fares, and about 2 hours of my evening. One of the blue bottles of coolant had leaked out over everything in its entirety, what's more, on one of the green bottles, the cap wasn't completely screwed on, and it was in the process of leaking out.

Worse than that, the boxes for the GPU blocks were totally sodden, and swollen with liquid, one had come open. Thankfully, the blocks themselves were OK (they are water blocks after all!), but I'm someone who likes to keep the boxes etc in pristine condition in case I need to sell things on. Needless to say, these are now barely suitable for shipping in, and they are certainly not to what I would describe as 'new condition' (which you would expect from a shop).

Can you imagine if Scan or Overclockers just stopped answering the phone for one reason or another, and left a customer to go and collect his goods in this condition? I'm aware that it is possible part of the blame possibly lies with TNT for mishandling.

However, as their customer, personally I'm disappointed with YYT for:
  • The checkout process in which delivery options were 'bugged'
  • The lack of stock for items that showed in stock
  • Obviously poor packing and/or not checking that the caps were properly secured
  • Poor customer contact - saying they would phone back, and then never returning a call, not keeping me informed
  • Not answering their phone to me or the couriers for an entire business day
  • Leaving me to spend a few hours of my evening, and my own money to go and collect the damaged goods.
AlienwareAndy 26th September 2013, 23:35 Quote
Wow, bit of a crap way to start off that.

Sorry to hear that dude, that sucks.
Kovoet 26th September 2013, 23:37 Quote
Not good Tom seens you and I have supported them a long time
The Bear 28th September 2013, 17:53 Quote
Dear Parge
We can only apologize for the experience you have received from Yoyotech, we do take on board every negative comment received and implement procedures to our best to rectify these issues. Our Moto is to try and give our entire customers the best experience available at Yoyotech. Due to moving into new premises we have uncounted minor issues related to telephone system going down, and we are also liaising with TNT as to the process first being able to deliver then thereafter bottles being damaged leaked, however as we encounter issues we do try to rectify
We have emailed you, as to how we can proceed with the leaked bottles and do hope this is a satisfactory outcome for the inconvenience caused
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