Google I/O: Watch it here

Google I/O: Watch it here

Google I/O is the company's annual developer conference.

Google is just about to kick of its annual developer conference, Google I/O, so we thought what better way to get the conversation going than host the live stream right here - it'll be like Twitter, but on a forum, or something.

Google I/O, and in particular the opening keynote speech thereof, is traditionally the event where the company reveals its most significant new technologies and innovations, such as new versions of Android. Last year saw it spectacularly demonstrate Google Glass, with stunt men leaping from planes and abseiling down the Moscone Center, where the event is held, all while streaming video from the wearable computing device.

This year Google is expected to reveal details of Android 4.3 Key Lime Pie as well as announce a streaming music service and the recently leaked Google Play Games service.

We'll be reporting on all the big stories after the event but if you want to catch the action live, it all kicks off 17:00 BST.


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bdigital 15th May 2013, 16:53 Quote
Im waiting on this before i buy a Nexus 10 next week. Just in case!!
Meanmotion 15th May 2013, 17:14 Quote
900 million Android devices and 48 billion app downloads. Blimey.
Meanmotion 15th May 2013, 17:31 Quote
That new dev tool makes me want to start developing apps, just because.
r3loaded 15th May 2013, 17:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Meanmotion
That new dev tool makes me want to start developing apps, just because.
Indeed, it's a massive jump in user-friendliness over the previous ADK + Eclipse solution.
timmehtimmeh 15th May 2013, 21:29 Quote
Such a nice Keynote. Really enjoyed the Maps work. And love that new dev kit too over Eclipse and the androidSDK.

Nice to see Google+ getting a refresh and native 8MP photo storage. I might even start using it.

Such a shame no announcements re: Nexus 5, 11 and 7 v2 :(

I wouldn't even care if they weren't out for months, just a sneaky preview would have made me happy.

"You too can have a Galaxy S4 on Verizon running Stock! for just $649!!!" :-(
bdigital 15th May 2013, 23:12 Quote
Anything been said to stop me from buying a nexus 10 next week?
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