Nook reportedly set for buyout by Microsoft

Nook reportedly set for buyout by Microsoft

The Nook Simple Touch e-book reader

Microsoft is reportedly looking to buy Nook Media, the digital book subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, in a $1 billion deal.

According to documents obtained by TechCrunch, Microsoft "would redeem preferred units in Nook Media", which would include the the e-book licenses, Nook e-readers, Nook tablets and a college book division.

Also revealed is that Nook plans to discontinue producing Android tablets by 2014, instead distributing its content through third party devices.

Nook e-book readers, however, do not have a planned discontinuation date but rather the company plans to phase them out in line with market demands and the natural shift to tablets being the main e-book reading device.

Microsoft already owns a 16.8% stake in Nook Media after the digital arm broke away from Barnes & Noble last October. Putting in $300million Microsoft used some of this leverage to ensure Nook was ready with content for the launch of Windows 8.

While $1 billion may seem like a reasonable chunk of money, the company was actually valued at $1.8billion as recently as January. As such Microsoft would be getting something of a bargain.

Microsoft and B&N representatives have declined to comment on this story.


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Nexxo 9th May 2013, 09:41 Quote
Would make sense. Microsoft has a long way to go in building up a quality media distribution system like Apple and Google own. This would take care of the books and mags section.
Phame 9th May 2013, 10:39 Quote
$1 Billion thats cheap, might get it myself! :)
rollo 9th May 2013, 11:21 Quote
Not like Microsoft dont have a spare 1billion. ( they have 40bil cash in hand at last check, Second to only Apple)
loftie 9th May 2013, 23:47 Quote
I wonder how much the recent £30 offer for the basic Nook boosted their numbers in the UK
dyzophoria 11th May 2013, 09:15 Quote
wow, I would be really interested on what would come out of this :) (im not saying my kindle is anything else but superb already)
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