Google Map Maker launches in UK

Google Map Maker launches in UK

Use you local knowledge to help make GoogleMaps better.

Google has opened up its GoogleMaps editing tool, Map Maker, to users in the UK, allowing us Brits to improve the mapping and routing service.

Map Maker allows users to take advantage of their local knowledge to add new features to GoogleMaps, such as roads, rivers, 3D building outlines as well as natural features like lakes, parks and political boundaries. The service also allows users to edit each others work as well as tweak directions, which should hopefully lead to fewer incidences of low bridge-based accidents. Edits and additions are vetted by both other users and Google themselves before going live.

The service has long been available in territories such as Australia, France and the US - with it having originally launched way back in 2008 - but now finally UK users can get in on the action.

"Contributing to Google Map Maker can quickly transform a simple map into a more detailed and accurate representation of a city’s local treasures," program manager Satish Mavuri said in a blog post.

"Drawing from your knowledge about world famous tourist destinations or the streets of your hometown, you can now use Google Map Maker to make the map of the United Kingdom (along with Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey) more comprehensive and accurate than ever before."

While the addition of Map Maker will no doubt be a boon to UK users of the mapping and routing service, those not keen to give away their time for free may want to note that Google explicitly lays claim to all changes made - there's no reward for all that knowledge.


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mi1ez 11th April 2013, 19:55 Quote
Tried to add a road on my way to work that's a ford liable to flooding. Think I can add it? No. Fail.
RedFlames 11th April 2013, 20:15 Quote
Tried to edit a few errors in my local area... it's having none of it...
Nexxo 11th April 2013, 20:18 Quote
Doesn't Apple need this more? :p
Smoothsmith 12th April 2013, 09:34 Quote
It says that it has to be confirmed by other uses, so it's unlikely to take immediate effect, potentially a long time after a change before it goes live.
mi1ez 12th April 2013, 09:46 Quote
In my case, I mean there's no option to add fords and flood liable areas. Period.
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