Dropbox 2.0 update adds one-stop menu

Dropbox 2.0 update adds one-stop menu

The new Dropbox menu adds quick access to shared files and folders.

Dropbox has gone more social with its latest Dropbox 2.0 client release, which makes it and easier to accept shared folders and view changes to your Dropbox folder.

The main new features of the file sharing service's new desktop client are in its context menu. Click on the taskbar icon and instead of a few basic options such as "pause syncing" and "open Dropbox", now there are options to accept shared folders (saving having to go via an email link for instance) and it shows recently changed files.

Also new is a quick share button that appears when hovering over items in the recently changed list. Also, the mobile clients for iOS and Android now support notifications for shared folders.

Talking up the new features on the official Dropbox blog, Max Belanger said, "We’ve made it easier than ever to accept invitations to shared folders, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox.

"If someone shares a link with you, you can now get to it immediately — directly from the Dropbox menu! You’ll get notifications in real time as people share with you, and can see them later just by clicking the Dropbox icon. You can also accept or decline invitations to shared folders directly from your desktop.

Dropbox 2.0 update adds one-stop menuDropbox 2.0 update adds one-stop menuOut with the old, in with the new - clearly we don't have enough friends for us to see any newly shared folders or files.

The new client can be downloaded here: Dropbox 2.0 desktop client.

Clearly these updates aren't going to revolutionise file sharing as we know it but as amongst the most popular file sharing service in the world, many will be happy to see the new features. That said, we are a little concerned that the preferences and pause syncing options are now an extra click away!


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Platinum 13th March 2013, 11:53 Quote
Can I sync folders that are not in my dropbox install folder yet?
[-Stash-] 13th March 2013, 15:02 Quote
XXAOSICXX 13th March 2013, 16:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Platinum
Can I sync folders that are not in my dropbox install folder yet?

That's why I use SpiderOak :)
Gareth Halfacree 13th March 2013, 16:53 Quote
Originally Posted by XXAOSICXX
That's why I use SpiderOak :)
I used to use SpiderOak, until the synchronisation function started serving up outdated copies of files and clobbering the new ones. Then I switched to Ubuntu One - it's the closest thing I've found to Dropbox that isn't actually Dropbox.
pbryanw 13th March 2013, 23:09 Quote
Originally Posted by Platinum
Can I sync folders that are not in my dropbox install folder yet?
Wuala can do this too but it's Mac client is a bit rubbish at the moment (new beta on the way though). Windows is fine though and it comes in useful when syncing folders between PCs.
longweight 13th March 2013, 23:13 Quote
Skydrive is bloody awesome.
Pliqu3011 13th March 2013, 23:26 Quote
Originally Posted by longweight
Skydrive is bloody awesome.
Especially if you have an old hotmail account lying around and get a free 25GB :D (don't know if that still works though)
longweight 13th March 2013, 23:27 Quote
Sadly I don't think that it does.
yougotkicked 14th March 2013, 00:17 Quote
well, I can't say I actually use the sharing features of dropbox much at all, but maybe this will give me a reason to.

@Platinum: it's not a perfect solution, but simply moving the actual files to a subdirectory of your dropbox folder and placing a shortcut to said folder where the files used to be might be worth considering. Symlinks in linux would do it very well, but windows might not like it.
Bloody_Pete 14th March 2013, 14:49 Quote
I love Dropbox for my uni work! Plus I have 30gb for free because of the space race they did...
cebla 16th March 2013, 05:57 Quote
I use symlinks on windows to make other folders sync using dropbox and it hasn't caused any issues. I then have powershell script which I can run which I can run on a new machine to setup the symlink folders how I like them.
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