Intel calls Otellini anti-Windows claims 'unsubstantiated'

Intel calls Otellini anti-Windows claims 'unsubstantiated'

Intel's press department has called reports that Otellini made anti-Windows 8 comments during an internal meeting 'unsubstantiated' - which is very different from 'untrue.'

Intel has finally responded to queries about chief executive Paul Otellini's reportedly anti-Windows 8 comments, during which he described the operating system as being fundamentally not ready for release, dismissing the reports as 'unsubstantiated.'

In a statement released to press, Intel declared that it was still best buddies with software giant Microsoft - despite the latter's recent cosying-up to British chip design behemoth ARM.
'Intel has a long and successful heritage working with Microsoft on the release of Windows platforms, delivering devices that provide exciting experiences, stunning performance, and superior compatibility. Intel fully expects this to continue with Windows 8,' the company's spokesperson claimed.

'Intel CEO Paul Otellini is on record as saying "Windows 8 is one of the best things that ever happened to Intel," citing the importance of the touch interface coming to mainstream computing and the huge wave of exciting new Ultrabook, tablet and convertible device innovations coming to the market.'

While it's nice to see Intel leaping to Microsoft's defence, its choice of wording is somewhat telling: according to the wonderful Free Online Dictionary, 'unsubstantiated' is defined as meaning 'not established as valid or genuine; unsupported by other evidence.' This is in stark contrast with 'untrue,' which is defined as meaning 'contrary to fact; false.'

By describing the report of Otellini's anti-Windows 8 comments, allegedly leaked by an Intel employee following an internal company meeting in Taipei, as 'unsubstantiated' rather than 'untrue,' Intel is rather cleverly avoiding actually stating that Otellini did not make said comments. Instead, it's merely saying that there is no other evidence - aside from the original leak - that the comments were made.

So far, Otellini himself has not issued a statement regarding his alleged comments.


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Apocalypso 27th September 2012, 16:08 Quote
Whereas Notch sits on the fence as per usual.
schmidtbag 27th September 2012, 17:56 Quote
Windows 8 being one of the best things that ever happened to intel doesn't mean that Otellini thinks Windows 8 is actually good. In other words, Windows 8 could rake in a ton of money and interest in Intel's developments, but it could be an utter piece of crap. I'm not really sure why that intel spokesperson felt the need to suck up to MS. MS in the past has attempted to blackmail intel, back around the Pentium 1 ages. But now they are in absolutely no position to do so again; intel doesn't necessarily need MS to keep going. Their investments in other OSes would keep them going and if MS tried fighting back, they'd lose since I tihnk people would rather side with Intel. If this were AMD then I wouldn't say the same thing since they're not in a position to make such opinionated comments.
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