Google takes Street View into the Amazon

Google takes Street View into the Amazon

Google's Street View project has already mapped hundreds of thousands of towns and cities.

Google has begun a drive to expand its popular Street View project in the Amazon basin in South America.

In a recent blog post, the company reported that it will work in partnership with a charity called Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS).

As well as using camera-equipped boats that will delve into the many tributaries of the Amazon river, Google will train local people to collect images inland, leaving equipment for the work to continue in the long term.

According to the article, FAS approached Google two years ago with the hope that the visual data obtained from the project would demonstrate the fallout of deforestation and poor global sustainability on the local landscape.

FAS project leader Gabriel Ribenboim said: 'It is very important to show the world not only the environment and the way of life of the traditional population, but to sensitize the world to the challenges of climate change, deforestation and combating poverty.'

The blog post also revealed what it calls a Street View trike - a camera-equipped tricycle
The post stated 'We'll pedal the Street View trike along the narrow dirt paths of the Amazon villages and maneuver it up close to where civilization meets the rainforest'

Google hopes that users will gain new insights and experiences, being able to view the Amazon river and its surroundings as easily as they would any other area documented on Street View.

Street View was launched by Google in 2007, featuring only five cities, but has since grown to include vast swathes of countries such as Australia, the UK, the US, Italy and New Zealand.

What do you make of Street View's focus on the Amazon? Do you think it will aid in solving the issues that surround deforestation and sustainability? Let us know in the forum.


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azrael- 22nd August 2011, 12:10 Quote
So that would essentially make it Stream View instead? ;)
SpAceman 22nd August 2011, 12:12 Quote
Sounds cool. If I don't see heaps of anacondas and jaguars on it I will be very disappointed.
Farting Bob 22nd August 2011, 12:13 Quote
How useful, i can see all the trees from the riverbank!
Yemerich 22nd August 2011, 13:02 Quote
As long as people doesn't think that in Brazil we all live in jungles (as I was asked tons of times), it is fine. :D
Kurze 22nd August 2011, 13:08 Quote
That's actually pretty cool. Considering the amount of time it took them to do my street (about 2 years after the rest of Milton Keynes was done) I'm surprised they're moving into less conventional viewing fare so soon.
Telltale Boy 22nd August 2011, 13:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Baz

Google takes Street View into the rainforest; but what about the privacy of the logging firms?:|

It does sound cool getting an eye-level view of the Rainforest, how comprehensive is it likely to be?
kenco_uk 22nd August 2011, 14:42 Quote
I thought Brazil just had a thin strip of trees down the middle?
Telltale Boy 22nd August 2011, 14:48 Quote
Originally Posted by kenco_uk
I thought Brazil just had a thin strip of trees down the middle?

Ermm.. not quite. :p
Mongoose132 22nd August 2011, 15:35 Quote
Not sure if got joke or? D:
thehippoz 22nd August 2011, 19:36 Quote
what about amazon women.. if I was controlling the cam there would be a midget in every other shot.. people will get the wrong idea and come to see for themselves

maybe more off the wall stuff that will get people scratching their heads.. like a actor swinging in the trees on the tree border and a lot of zoo animals
Farfalho 22nd August 2011, 21:23 Quote
For a sec, I thought it was talking about the site Amazon duh!! How douche of me!

Seems a pretty nifty concept and idea and since the world is in a recession maybe we can travel to the Amazon just by sitting on the chair and play where's the jaguar or where's the anaconda! Looking for maimed locals is considering cheating so please stick to the animals in a non killing situation!
jimmyjj 22nd August 2011, 22:46 Quote
I heard some of the monkeys complained about their trees appearing on street view.
thehippoz 23rd August 2011, 01:02 Quote
Originally Posted by jimmyjj
I heard some of the monkeys complained about their trees appearing on street view.

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