Amazon launches cloud storage service

Amazon launches cloud storage service

Cloud Drive and Cloud Player enable you to stream media and files from any internet-connected device.

Worldwide everything merchant Amazon surprised many yesterday with the simultaneous launch of two new cloud-based services; Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player.

The two services work in tandem, with Cloud Drive storing your uploaded music, and the Cloud Player web application enabling you to stream your music to mobile devices or other PCs. It's like Spotify, but with only your music available for streaming.

Registered Amazon customers automatically get 5GB of Cloud Drive storage, upgraded to 20GB for a year so long as you purchase just one MP3 album from Amazon and download it to your Cloud Drive. The Amazon Cloud Player currently supports only MP3 and AAC formats, though, so those looking to stream their FLAC collections are out of luck.

The Cloud Drive also supports the secure online syncing of any type of file, from documents to videos. While this sort of service is nothing new, with competing online sync services such as Dropbox and SugarSync well established, Cloud Drive is the first to integrate it with a music store and music streaming service.

Cloud Drive and Cloud Player are now available for those in the USA, while those the other side of the Atlantic only get to play with Cloud Drive at the moment.

Are you excited by the prospect of a secure online storage system from such a well backed company? Or are you worried that smaller sync services will be swept aside? Either way, let us know in forums.


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mi1ez 30th March 2011, 12:52 Quote
Nice concept. I've often thought this would be a great feature for Spotify.
l3v1ck 30th March 2011, 13:25 Quote
As long as I can store my FLAC files (which I can), I'm not that bothered whether I can play them directly from "the cloud".
Tattysnuc 30th March 2011, 13:52 Quote
.... to the cloud!

Annoying ad. This is a great concept though. Be greater once they allow you to put ALL your files and apps there and allow you to stream/operate remotely. I'm basically doing that on my home server.
sb1991 30th March 2011, 13:58 Quote
While in principle this has been possible for quite a while, it's cool to see that it's actually cheaper than Amazon's existing S3 service, though it is less versatile. I imagine they've not included the torrent feature here, at any rate!
adam_bagpuss 30th March 2011, 22:04 Quote
check the T&Cs. NOT COOL.

your data is placed there at your own risk. make sure you back it up. any downloaded music from amazon to your PC but then re-uploaded counts towards your storage !!!!

also your data can be snooped on by the goverment if they wish as amazon will comply and hand it over or grant access. now im not a terrorist storing plans or whatever but i dont like the idea they can snoop without me even knowning about it

EDIT- forgot cloud player is US ONLY. and the andriod app sucks from reviews ive looked at
Xir 31st March 2011, 10:24 Quote
I've tried dropbox and other "Cloud" services, and it all comes down to bandwidth.
I lack it, those who want to see my files lack it, especially on the move we lack it.

As long as putting 200 pictures on a USB stick, driving 100km then copying them again is faster...meh.

Of course, for JUST mp3's...those are pretty small files, it would be okay. But general online storage is just too slow and falky (well, the average connections are*)

*No, not i the smack middle of London, but try getting a decent Wifi signal in the province
PingCrosby 31st March 2011, 11:18 Quote
Me mam always used to say I walk around with my head in the cloud.....I must have been ahead of my time.
Xir 1st April 2011, 08:26 Quote
Originally Posted by PingCrosby
Me mam always used to say I walk around with my head in the cloud.....I must have been ahead of my time.

The_Beast 1st April 2011, 08:47 Quote
No thanks, I'm not a fan of the cloud computing concept
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