EVGA launches warranty amnesty

EVGA launches warranty amnesty

EVGA's warranty amnesty allows those who bought cards in the last few years to claim their extended warranties.

If you've bought an EVGA graphics card in the last few years and neglected to send in the warranty card, the company has some good news for you: it's launching an amnesty programme, good for this month only.

The EVGA Holiday Redemption scheme takes two forms, one of which is open to those who bought graphics cards featuring a three or ten year warranty promise in 2009 or 2010, and the other for those who bought cards in 2008.

When you buy a piece of hardware that offers an extended warranty, it's often dependent on you filling in a card and posting it off with the original invoice within thirty days - a requirement that is often overlooked until it's too late.

If you've got an EVGA card from 2009 or 2010 that you neglected to register, working or otherwise, EVGA is offering you the chance to activate that extended warranty - but warns that the offer is only good for the current month, and will expire on the 31st of December. If you haven't registered by then, it's officially too late.

If your EVGA card dates from 2008 and has just given up the ghost, you could be in luck as well: if your card had a 10-year warranty that you neglected to register, the company has stated that it will issue an RMA regardless and replace the card with a working model of comparable performance - although you won't get a warranty on the replacement.

Details of both programmes, and the all-important support links for claiming on either, are available on EVGA's dedicated microsite.

Do you applaud EVGA's festive spirit of goodwill, or do you think that companies should be made to honour extended warranty offers regardless of whether the product was registered to a deadline? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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karbonKid 6th December 2010, 11:45 Quote
I sense broken EVGA cards will command a bit more money on eBay for a few weeks...
mi1ez 6th December 2010, 13:09 Quote
great PA and attitude though!
Tattysnuc 6th December 2010, 13:22 Quote
I believe that eVGA don't penalise users who replace their stock coolers with Water cooled ones, so this could be a great opportunity for someone....
oatey4519 6th December 2010, 13:40 Quote
You can't knock EVGA service..
I've had 2 470's go odd on me & RMA'd them back to EVGA.
2 new ones in the post straight back.

I'm now a EVGA convert

And no they don't penalise as both mine where on EK WC blocks
hrp8600 6th December 2010, 14:53 Quote
Better service than I am getting from an old NVIDIA partner & BIG etailer trying to fob me of with £80
instead of at least trying to offer me a card to replace my GTX280 as the warranty says "repair or replace".
Cant even get them to honour the warranty that was registered in good time.
Any way EVGA look like a firm that go out there way to look good which is better than the ones that say not our problem see your supplier and the supplier saying not our problem see the manufacturer.
CharlO 6th December 2010, 15:41 Quote
Warranty isn't that sticker that fells off wet when you open your box with the dremmel in hand?
bobwya 6th December 2010, 19:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Tattysnuc
I believe that eVGA don't penalise users who replace their stock coolers with Water cooled ones, so this could be a great opportunity for someone....

Say what!! That would be sweet. I have 2x watercoolered EVGA's 8800 GTXs. They have to be most stable OC'd cards I have ever worked with (can fold 24/7 with them - even in the summer months!!) I'll definitely take up this offer...
Lowsidex2 6th December 2010, 19:37 Quote
More to do with customer tracking than customer service,imo.
Magnetar 6th December 2010, 23:48 Quote
Europe only! Bah, Humbug!!
Ross1 7th December 2010, 01:53 Quote
Given the hoops i had to jump through just to get an RMA on my XFX 5850, and its been with them over a week with no sign of it coming back yet, I think evga might be someone to go to in the future.
ssj12 7th December 2010, 04:38 Quote
they should allow a holiday step-up that allows anyone who purchased a GPU or product or already stepped up their GPU or whatever within the last year to do it again. I would so upgrade my GTX 480 to a 580 instantly.
Sea Shadow 7th December 2010, 04:53 Quote
I have to say, the ONLY thing holding me to nVidia based cards these days is EVGA. I have always had good service from them, as have my friends. RMA's are few and far between, and when they do occur the service is always fast and friendly. I try to support them whenever I can.
robert3892 7th December 2010, 11:02 Quote
I want to emphasize that this offer is ONLY for European customers at this time
Ross1 7th December 2010, 19:09 Quote
well dont the americans have a lifetime warranty or something?
oatey4519 7th December 2010, 20:31 Quote
The do for some odd reason but only on certain part numbers.
Europe its 10.. - USA - europe

But lets face it are you really still going to have that MB or Graphics in your system in 10 years +
modfx 9th December 2010, 23:26 Quote
it is very good of them to do this but the registration shouldnt be needed as in the invoice count as the warranty proof
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