Nevercookie plugin defuses Evercookie

Nevercookie plugin defuses Evercookie

The Nevercookie plugin adds protection against Evercookie's bypassing of Firefox's private browsing mode.

Work is underway to defuse the Evercookie, which was revealed back in September as a nearly impossible to remove browser cookie capable of tracking users even through the privacy mode included in most modern web browsers.

Now, the Nevercookie project from Internet privacy firm Anonymizer has resulted in its first release: a Firefox plugin that uses a pair of technologies to keep the private browsing mode private, even in the face of advertisers using the open-source Evercookie.

Developed by Geoffrey Abbott, Anonymizer's lead researcher, Nevercookie includes quarantining for two storage systems used by the Evercookie to bypass private browsing modes and cookie clear-outs: Microsoft Isolated Storage and Local Shared Objects, used by Silverlight and Flash Player respectively. When installed,the Nevercookie plugin moves objects stored in MIS and LSO into a temporary folder every time Firefox's private browsing function is invoked - preventing sites from reading the values stored therein. At the end of a private browsing session, any values collected are erased and the original stored values put back in their rightful place.

It's a neat technique for reducing the effectiveness of the Evercookie, and something that the Mozilla community should look at implementing in Firefox's code base sooner, rather than later.

The Nevercookie plugin is available as a free download from Anonymizer.

Are you pleased to see that there are ways to avoid the grasp of the Evercookie, or still sore that the code was ever released in the first place? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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mi1ez 23rd November 2010, 10:18 Quote
Here's to the good guys! Have a beer on me-

Phalanx 23rd November 2010, 10:19 Quote
Good job guys. I'd +rep if I could.
javaman 23rd November 2010, 10:21 Quote
Good work tho I doubt it will be long before theres a hack even to this followed by another solution. Until then lets all drink and be mary!
mi1ez 23rd November 2010, 10:21 Quote
Phalanx 23rd November 2010, 10:25 Quote
But I want to be Susan :(
mrbens 23rd November 2010, 10:41 Quote
L O L :)
Akava 23rd November 2010, 11:29 Quote
I agree with javaman. But it's good to see that a solution, how ever temporary, has been implimented.
eddtox 23rd November 2010, 17:04 Quote
I agree with Ph4lanx, but I want to be Josie :)
l3v1ck 23rd November 2010, 18:33 Quote
Consider it downloaded!!!
Showerhead 23rd November 2010, 23:29 Quote
Anyone know what would happen if your system locked or there was a power while this was active? Wouldn't you lose everything in those folders as they wouldn't be moved back to their usual place?
Ryu_ookami 23rd November 2010, 23:41 Quote
Originally Posted by eddtox
I agree with Ph4lanx, but I want to be Josie :)

Speak for yourself I want to be Helen.
javaman 24th November 2010, 01:26 Quote
Flip sake Just noticed my mistake there. How bloody stupid can you get!!??

palm meet face >.>
eddtox 24th November 2010, 08:44 Quote
Originally Posted by javaman
Flip sake Just noticed my mistake there. How bloody stupid can you get!!??

palm meet face >.>

It's too late now - you can't just come in and spoil our fun :P
Th3Maverick 24th November 2010, 12:15 Quote
Yeah, listen to Josie, Mary!
javaman 24th November 2010, 13:08 Quote
Lol in that case

"Face meet Pam"
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