Windows Live Spaces moves to Wordpress

Windows Live Spaces moves to Wordpress

Microsoft has made a surprise pact with Automattic to move all Windows Live Spaces blogs over to the platform.

Microsoft surprised the tech world yesterday with the announcement that Live Spaces - the company's blog hosting platform - would be no more, and that all existing sites would be migrated across to Automattic's platform.

According to Microsoft's director of Windows Live product management, Dharmesh Mehta, the move - announced during the TechCrunch Disrupt conference - means that Windows Live users will get "a great blogging solution through"

The deal between the two companies will see all Windows Live Spaces users given an easy method for transferring all their blog posts, comments and hosted media across to With an estimated 30 million active users on Windows Live Spaces, that's a big win for WordPress in the market share stakes.

Microsoft and Automattic have also launched Messenger Connect, which allows blogs hosted on to link to Microsoft Messenger, alerting chat contacts when new content is posted.

If you're not a Windows Live Spaces user at the moment, you've missed you chance. Mehta explained that all new users will instead be forwarded to to set up their blog, while Windows Live Writer will make the move to using as the default blogging service with the launch of Windows Live Essentials 2011 later this year.

The deal between the two companies came as a surprise to many people at the conference, but it makes sense. WordPress, as both a self-hosted open-source platform and the hosted service, accounts for around 8.5 percent of all sites on the Internet - and the robust anti-spam systems and excellent community of theme designers and modders mean excellent customisation options that Microsoft would struggle to match on its own.

Do you think that the deal between Microsoft and Automattic makes sense, or is Microsoft merely admitting that it doesn't understand blogging quite as well as it thought? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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perplekks45 28th September 2010, 09:40 Quote
I wonder how much WP paid for that privilege...
eddtox 28th September 2010, 11:45 Quote
I think MS might be glad to be rid of it, but still keep a finger in the pie.
kosch 28th September 2010, 13:00 Quote
An interesting move hopefully this will further support and performance for WordPress on a Windows platform.
Andy Mc 28th September 2010, 14:19 Quote
How long until MS buys out Wordpress?
eddtox 28th September 2010, 15:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Andy Mc
How long until MS buys out Wordpress?

You wash your mouth out with soap, young man!

Sacrilege! :P
Saivert 28th September 2010, 22:30 Quote
Windows Live Spaces was not only a blogging platform. It had a dashboard where you could add calendars, and other widgets that visitors could see. I personally never had a use for it (I'm not alone it seems).
Windows Live Spaces was also not maintained. The design didn't match the rest of the Live family of online services.

Microsoft needs to focus on the stuff they do well instead of trying everything all the time. Sure they are looking for the next big success but with all that has happened lately it just gets too fragmented.
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