Aquatuning announces second Insanity Give-away

Aquatuning announces second Insanity Give-away

Aquatuning giving away Enermax gear for feedback

After the massive success of Insanity Give-away #1 where it gave away hardware for free in return for some feedback, Aquatuning has more gear up for grabs. Best of all, it's all free again so read on to see how you can enter - UK residents only unfortunately.

So what’s on offer this time?

The partner this time is Enermax , who have been kind enough to offer up quite a few very shiny toys to play with. Here’s what's up for grabs:
Each winner will get one of the above

How do I enter and get my free gear?
The story is pretty much the same as last time. They will send you one of the above prizes totally for free. Once received, have a play with your prize then tell us what you think in the feedback thread in Aquatuning's sub forum.

In addition, there are a few more hoops you'll need to jump through:
  • 1. Put the following line in your signature "I <3 Aquatuning & Enermax long time!" and link it to this thread - to be displayed till the end of the comp at least.
  • 2. Reply to this thread telling us why you love Aquatuning & Enermax so much.
  • 3. Find and e-mail the Aquatuning product number of the Enermax Apollish Twister UCAP12 BLUE fan found on to
The Rules
Of course to make this fair there have to be a few rules:
  • 1. Minimum post cout to ENTER is 75. If you have less then 75 posts when you enter your entry will be VOID
  • 2. This offer is open to the UK only – Sorry guys we are still working on a worldwide one.
  • 3. You have to follow the three steps listed above to get your pack - failure to complete all three will void your entry.
  • 4. Winners will be picked at RANDOM on 07/08/10. You can enter any time before this date.
There's an interesting addition this time round too. Style Points During the comp "Style Points" maybe awarded to you because of a post AquaTuning found extremely funny or helpful. Posters lucky enough to secure style points will be able to select a reward from the "Style Points Box" in its office.

For more information, visit this thread in our forums.


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Carper 9th July 2010, 11:59 Quote
Wheres the email for part 3? I just emailed nitrix via the forums dunno if that will work or not.
lacuna 9th July 2010, 12:02 Quote
cba doing all that
PegasusM 9th July 2010, 12:03 Quote
the email is
it does say...
Carper 9th July 2010, 12:16 Quote
I swear it didnt say that a minute ago lol
Fizzban 9th July 2010, 12:39 Quote
Originally Posted by lacuna
cba doing all that

Omnituens 9th July 2010, 12:49 Quote
how do you know who has sent the email AND posted in the thread?
aquatuning 9th July 2010, 14:03 Quote
By magic ;)
LeMaltor 9th July 2010, 14:24 Quote
They are trying to RealID us, we need to be known by only one name, then they can tell who replied here and emailed support!
aquatuning 9th July 2010, 15:19 Quote
no its just everyone seems to have used common sence and put there forum name in the e-mail ;)
Blademrk 9th July 2010, 16:17 Quote
But common sense is not so common these days ;P
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