Linaro looks to improve Linux devices

Linaro looks to improve Linux devices

The Linaro group aims to minimise fragmentation in the mobile Linux marketplace.

A coalition formed of major electronics companies has formed this week, with the avowed aim of creating more Linux-based portable devices.

According to Electronista, the group - which is comprised of low-power processor specialists ARM and Freescale, tech giant IBM, mobile makers Sony Ericsson and Samsung, and chip maker Texas Instruments - is looking to make it easier for companies to bring portable devices based around the open source Linux operating system to market.

The group apparently plans to focus on the increasingly popular market for tablets and slates - as well as Linux-based smartphones - the idea being that with a group offering help and advice along with the development tools and code required, it will be easier to bring Linux-based devices to market.

Linaro isn't just concentrating on pure Linux code, however: the group has promised that its developments will apply to all the popular Linux-based mobile platforms currently out there, including Maemo, MeeGo, Android, and even HP's WebOS.

Initial projects started up by the group include efforts to improve battery life and performance through increasing the efficiency of the code rather than just throwing bigger batteries and faster processors at the problem, and will mostly be concentrated around devices running on ARM's Cortex range of RISC processors.

For coders and tinkerers, the Linaro group is looking for volunteers to 'work with us on ideas, design and code.'

Do you believe that the Linaro group could change the face of portable Linux computing for the better, or does the future of mobile computing belong to the closed-source iPhone OS? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Fabou 4th June 2010, 15:58 Quote
It's always good to see open source develloping. I hate when you have to choose only between one or more closed source option.
TWeaK 4th June 2010, 21:58 Quote
Yet another reason I regret getting an N97 and not holding a bit longer for the N900. Damn 2 year contracts...
rickysio 5th June 2010, 04:20 Quote
I doubt that there'd be P.R. 1.3 for N900 that includes any advances Linaro creates.
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