Palm App Catalog suffers weekend outage

Palm App Catalog suffers weekend outage

The Palm App Catalog left Pre and Pixi users out in the cold this weekend following a time-related glitch.

Palm's loyal users received a kick in the teeth this weekend with a glitch locking Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users out of the App Catalog store.

The initial reports of the problem, gathered from the PreCentral Forums by GottaBeMobile showed users experiencing issues installing downloaded applications - although the chosen software would download, it would fail to install every time.

Following an investigation by Palm, the issue was resolved after an impressive bout of downtime for the beleaguered company - but the details of exactly what caused the wide-ranging glitch have still not been released.

According to PreCentral, however, the problem appears to have been time related: many users reported during the outage that setting the date back a week or so would cause the failed installations to spring in to life.

The issue - while quickly resolved - will do nothing to encourage users to move to Palm's webOS platform for their smartphone needs, and could potentially harm the company's as-yet uncompleted deal with HP that saw the latter company pffering to buy Palm outright in order to better compete in the smartphone sector.

Do you see the glitch that affected Palm's App Catalog as one that could have befallen any online smartphone application store, or is the company's silence on the exact cause of the issue troubling you? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Omnituens 17th May 2010, 14:50 Quote
Sounds like the bug that affected PS3's.
HourBeforeDawn 17th May 2010, 20:00 Quote
Really? huh I didnt have any issues accessing it over the weekend, I was able to install and update my apps.
<A88> 17th May 2010, 23:03 Quote
Yeah, I tried downloading an app when I heard of the problems and wasn't confronted with any issues.
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