Antec auctions custom cases

Antec auctions custom cases

The 'Bullet' case - or the 'Starfire' - could be yours, if you're willing to spend a bit of cash for a charitable cause.

Antec has decided to step into the charitable arena, giving lucky US residents the chance to bid on a pair of uniquely customised cases - and do good for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Launched at the tail end of last week, the company's auctions - details of which are available on the Antec Facebook page - last until the 15th of April, and the proceeds go towards the Haiti earthquake relief fund via the charity AmeriCares.

The first case up for auction in the name of charity is dubbed the Bullet, and is a modified version of Antec's Six Hundred case and features a hand-finished polished exterior and custom front intake featuring three 120mm fans. A custom machined aluminium side panel featuring the Antec logo and a top vented billet panel - replacing the Six Hundred's usual smoked acrylic 'moonroof' - complete the rather snazzy case.

The second custom case is based around the Antec Nine Hundred Two and has been christened the Starfire. Eschewing the monochrome charms of the Bullet, the Starfire is an apple-red beast with a massive 200mm fan mounted in a custom aluminium top grill to enhance the case's cooling performance. Again, a custom aluminium side panel featuring the company's logo is included.

Both cases are the work of veteran case modder Bill Owen, so lucky bidders can rest assured they're getting a one-of-a-kind case oozing quality - and doing their bit for a good cause into the bargain.

Sadly, while US residents are treated to free shipping should they be lucky enough to win either auction, Antec hasn't offered any idea on how much an international bidder would have to part with in postage in order to get their hands on their prize.

Are you itching to get bidding on a truly custom case - and benefit a charitable cause into the bargain - or are you disappointed that Antec seems to have forgotten about its international customers? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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kingred 12th April 2010, 10:12 Quote
I mis-read the title as "antec auctions Haiti for custom case"
crazyceo 12th April 2010, 10:14 Quote
Dyslexia rules K.O!
frontline 12th April 2010, 10:26 Quote
Well done Antec, it's still a worthy cause even if it is mainly for US residents. Maybe a separate auction for EU residents would be in order?
bob_lewis 12th April 2010, 10:39 Quote
The Starfire case actually looks very nice indeed.
azrael- 12th April 2010, 10:49 Quote
Neither case does it for me no charity love from me. :)

Have to admit, though, that they're nicely modded.
mnpctech 12th April 2010, 15:30 Quote
Thank you Gareth for posting this News! I posted progress photos of each case I modified for Antec here
HourBeforeDawn 12th April 2010, 21:11 Quote
Im sorry but Haiti has enough funds going into it, the amount of money being funneled into Haiti could rebuild it 3 times over already, to much misspending and people lining their pockets ~_~ there are other places in need that could use that Money sure it may not be as good of PR but it would be going to a good cause.
Cyberpower-UK 13th April 2010, 11:39 Quote
:( US delivery only
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