Intel launches AppUp for Linux

Intel launches AppUp for Linux

The AppUp software store for netbooks is now available on Moblin Linux - in beta form, at least.

Intel has announced a Linux version of its netbook-oriented AppUp software store - in beta, for now.

As reported over on VentureBeat, the company has decided to embrace the use of Linux on netbook and nettop devices using its Atom range of low-power processors with the extension of its AppUp store.

Having enjoyed the success of the Windows version - bolstered, no doubt, by promises of prizes for those developers that take advantage of AppUp as a distribution mechanism for their wares - Intel has launched a beta program that brings the software store to Linux, but there's a catch: so far the only supported distribution is Intel's own Moblin Linux.

The store is live in Moblin version 2.1 - the latest release - although for now, like the Windows version, it's limited to the US only. Thankfully for us, that's about to change with the news that AppStore - for Windows and Linux - is due to launch across Europe by the end of the month.

While Intel has been lambasted by many of our readers for creating a processor that requires specially-designed, lightweight software in order to run at an acceptable level of performance, others see it as a logical progression following the popularity of the 'App Store' model on smartphones - and ideally suited to ultra-portable devices that don't have massive amounts of horsepower or storage.

Are you pleased to see AppUp coming to Linux, or are you still unconvinced that netbooks actually need such a thing? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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proxess 26th March 2010, 10:22 Quote
Isn't this what Apple do? What are Intel being bashed for?
Xir 26th March 2010, 12:09 Quote
Originally Posted by proxess
Isn't this what Apple do? What are Intel being bashed for?
Correct. ;)
Where have you been living the last decade? Apple Good Intel Bad.... Huhuhu, must go buy ipad huhuhu

Apple could sell glossy toiletpaper and people'd flock to it.


reinventing the effin walkman, who'd have thought
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