Turkey wins Round 2 of Gigabyte TweaKING compo

Turkey wins Round 2 of Gigabyte TweaKING compo

Team Turkey wins the 3DMark01 challenge with a score of over 500 Marks faster than other teams.

With a 3DMark01 score of 81,590, team Turkey eclipsed the competition by over 500 marks using a secret tweaking technique, that even we could not prise out of them. Other teams could not break the 81,000 barrier with team Belgium coming close at 80,900.

Our UK/Greece combined team scored a solid 80,500 thanks to a replacement memory kit allowing the Kingston HyperX to run at 2,100MHz 8-9-9-24-1T with a 210MHz base clock on the CPU and the Gigabyte GTX260 Super Overclock graphics card running 752MHz core, 1,550MHz on the shader and 1,250MHz on the memory.

Again, the maximum CPU clock allowed was 4GHz and the teams could optimise the motherboard and OS as much as they wanted.

The overall winning team will be announced soon, and you can watch the live feed right here and ask questions, here.


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Gremlin 27th October 2009, 14:39 Quote
Man its got a bad porno music sound track that stream at the moment
Hiren 27th October 2009, 14:48 Quote
Thrilling stuff, I think I just saw you bindi
Bindibadgi 27th October 2009, 14:49 Quote
Im at the back!! I'll do a sneaky dodge in front of camera after the news goes up..
thehippoz 27th October 2009, 16:04 Quote
sausage fest.. think just saw one guy touch another guys butt- and what's with the elevator music XD
GigaMan 11th November 2009, 15:43 Quote
Yeah, the music was a bit of sleepy music ;-o
flibblesan 11th November 2009, 18:52 Quote
aww I missed it
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