Nokia launches 100Mb/s 4G modem

Nokia launches 100Mb/s 4G modem

Nokia's Internet Modem RD-3 - sadly not yet pictured - promises a sustained 12Mb/s connection for mobile browsing.

If 3G mobile broadband is just too sluggish for your tastes, and the stop-gap 3.5G isn't boosting things enough, it might be worth having a word with Nokia: the company has just launched the first test versions of its 4G LTE modem.

As reported over on Electronista, the company's Internet Modem RD-3 is the first commercially available version of its Long Term Evolution devices - a modem which is backwards-compatible to 3G HSPA and 2G EDGE devices, but which offers LTE-compatible systems a peak data transfer potential of 100Mb/s.

Peak speeds are fine and well, but it's the sustainable throughput that will get most interested: where 3G technologies offer unsustainable peaks of 14Mb/s downstream, the 4G LTE network should offer a consistent 12Mb/s - which finally brings mobile broadband to a point where it can genuinely compete with fixed-line speeds.

It's not just about the speed, either: improvements to the technology mean that LTE should result in a marked reduction in lag, meaning mobile gaming and high-quality two-way video calling will become far less of a chore.

Thus far the RD-3 is not available as a general purpose device, instead being sold to select carries to test their networks for LTE suitability. However, with the product clearly ready for rollout it can't be long before we starting seeing companies around the globe making use of the technology's global roaming functionality to offer far faster Internet access to their customers.

Sadly, no handset currently on the market supports the technology - although as carries begin testing that is sure to change.

Does the thought of a lag-free rock-solid 12Mb/s mobile broadband connection fill you with joy, or do you think that mobile providers will simply wreck it with ridiculously high charges and low download limits? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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l3v1ck 8th September 2009, 10:12 Quote
I like the idea, but I can see the cost of the devices and cost of the service from mobile companies being quite prohibitive for a few years yet.
andrew8200m 8th September 2009, 10:14 Quote
I cant see this taking off except for business' that need high speed internet on the move and as such get everything cheap due to mass ordering on contracts.

would be nice to get better than 1.4mbits that comes out of my modem.

Dave Lister 8th September 2009, 10:37 Quote
Can' be much worse than the 3G pay as you go dongles ! especialy on the 3 network - High Prices & Crap Service, my built in 56k modem worked faster normaly !

On a more positive note if the sustained rate will be 12 Mb/s, the service providers will surely have to increase the download limit to something better than we get now - to reflect the speed increase.
Andy Mc 8th September 2009, 11:09 Quote
Originally Posted by Dave Lister
On a more positive note if the sustained rate will be 12 Mb/s, the service providers will surely have to increase the download limit to something better than we get now - to reflect the speed increase.

So 2gig per month then?

As great as this sounds in practice it will be crippled by the cellular providers carging too much and allowing you too little in usage allowances. The carriers are far too slow to upgrade their networks and to change with the times and demands of their customers.

I would love a mobile contract that gives me mobile data as it's main focus and a few calls/ texts thrown in as I mainly use my Hero for data and not calls.
Er-El 8th September 2009, 14:51 Quote
Nevermind the download speed of these what about the latency. If they can make it have a sub-20ms ping THEN I'll be impressed. The only great thing about having decent wireless data connection is being able to take out my netbook on the train and playing Crysis on OnLive/Gaikai.
fodder 8th September 2009, 17:01 Quote
Excellent, 12mb/s every 20 secs then (courtesy of T-mobiles current performance...). Oh, and I hope it uses less power than the current 3G systems. A 70%+ drop in battery life between 2G and 3G is bad enough thanks.
HourBeforeDawn 8th September 2009, 17:33 Quote
wait 4g is that much faster then 3g??? talk about a huge jump, maybe 4g will finally make cell phone internet worth it.
Timmy_the_tortoise 8th September 2009, 20:40 Quote
The US are already getting LTE trials, I heard... I just wish they'd release it already.
shaffaaf27 8th September 2009, 22:58 Quote
isnt it also known was wiimax, or that somethign different?

god i hope the Palm Pre comes with this to the UK
Mister_Tad 9th September 2009, 00:05 Quote
What network are you lot on that are complaining about 3G speeds? I usually get ~3Mbit out of Vodafone :|

Hopefully its not too far away, as 12Mbit sustained would be lovely and all, but its not all that big of a jump.
Aracos 10th September 2009, 00:42 Quote
Pics or it didn't happen. This is gonna be seriously expensive no matter what, £60 a month is the figure I have in mind, no way will I ever invest in mobile broadband EVEN if that means living without the internet for a month if I move home (why the crap should it take a month anyway?)
leexgx 10th September 2009, 06:10 Quote
wimax and 4g dif tech, 4g is more range and network frendly, wimax less range but faster, what mobile phone makers need to do is sort out the cut off for switching towers,around 20% signel cut off for be 3g/4g as my phone hangs onto 3g when there is no longer an signel but there is 2g still there (norm happens around 1 or2 bars)as my second phone rings so that could of been an missed call if i did not have it on dirvert on no ring
misterd77 17th May 2012, 11:42 Quote
I have a 3g Sony Erricson phone, and have tethered it to my laptop, I get around 3.5mb/sec, enough to stream youtube, iplayer and play games, where I go, my internet follows, in the last 4 months, I have used 890gb download and 250gb upload, Three's pay -as-you-go £15 deal is great value, 250 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited data, and It really does mean unlimited, I have no idea why the carriers charge so much for data dongles, Three currently charge £5 per gb of data for their dongles, yet offer unlimited data for the phones, doesnt make sense, I did have to "root" my andriod smartphone to achieve tethering, and download an app from the marketplace, but it was no big deal, I dont pay line rental to get broadband access, and can take it anywhere, and top up when I choose, really flexible, take not, BT, Virgin etc, mobile carriers may just start biting into your business....
Shirty 17th May 2012, 12:18 Quote
The Necromuncher strikes!
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