Security breach downs Mozilla Store

Security breach downs Mozilla Store

The Mozilla Store remains offline as the Foundation works to identify the extent of the security breach at ecommerce provider GatewayCDI.

The Mozilla Foundation has been fighting the after-effects of a breach of security, but it's not the popular Firefox browser that's at fault this time: an issue with third-party ecommerce outfit GatewayCDI has forced the company to temporarily shut down its online shop.

As reported over on BetaNews, the Foundation has closed both the US and international branches of its Mozilla Store - a place for fans of the Firefox browser to buy t-shirts, stickers, and laptop bags, with all profits going to fund the company's open-source development efforts.

So far, neither the Mozilla Foundation nor GatewayCDI have detailed exactly what the breach entails - nor how many customers have been affected. It's also not known whether the issue affects only the Mozilla Foundation's online presence or if the company's other clients may have been impacted in the breach.

As a precautionary measure, the store has been closed "for maintenance," with the international store following suit - despite using a completely different company to power its back end engine. The Foundation has not indicated when the site might be back up and running.

Anyone who has shopped at the Mozilla Store in the past is advised to sit tight and await contact: in a statement on the company blog the Foundation has stated that "customers who are affected will be contacted directly by GatewayCDI."

The Foundation has said that it is "committed to user privacy and the store will only be reinstated once we have a satisfactory assurance of ongoing login security and data privacy."

Should the Foundation be doing more to alert customers as to the possibility of information theft, or is it entirely down to GatewayCDI to keep victims in the loop? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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wiak 7th August 2009, 17:20 Quote
if its like paypal, then its a GatewayCDI problem ;)
Denis_iii 11th August 2009, 07:18 Quote
mozilla has a flaw?
paypal got hacked!?
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