Mozilla offers Build Your Own Browser

Mozilla offers Build Your Own Browser

Firefox will soon be available customised to your specifications thanks to Mozilla's Build Your Own Browser project.

Any enterprise users who are fans of Firefox but would like a bit of corporate branding will be pleased to hear of Mozilla's latest wheeze: the Build Your Own Browser project.

As reported by MacWorld, the BYOB project aims to allow enterprise clients the chance to customise a build of Firefox for deployment across their corporation.

The project – due for launch after Firefox 3.5 goes live at the end of June – uses a web application to allow users to specify their chosen customisations: corporate branding via a skinning system called “Personas,” pre-defined bookmarks, and certain security and network settings. Once created, the application is bundled into a neat little installation file for deployment across the corporate network.

This corporate customisation functionality finally brings Firefox into line with the traditional browser of big business, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has had provisioning software for creating custom corporate installers for quite some time. With the ability to offer such customisation, a major hurdle in the path to corporate adoption is cleared.

The company is clearly hoping that, having proven extremely popular with home users, the creation of a simple way for corporations to define exactly what they require from a browser will enable them to make an impact on a particularly large section of the browser market – and one which is almost exclusively sewn up by Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Do you believe that corporate branding is what has been keeping Firefox out of big business, or does Mozilla have more serious work to do in order to break into that market sector? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Burnout21 10th June 2009, 10:29 Quote
Dont know about anyone else, but i might just do it for home use! lol!
fev 10th June 2009, 10:35 Quote
same, i'd do it for home. Saves my bookmarks and settings for re-installed and new machines
airchie 10th June 2009, 13:33 Quote
True, but you don't wanna have to roll a new image every time you add a bookmark. ;)
xmarks ftw. ;)
Nikumba 10th June 2009, 16:28 Quote
Sounds good in theory, but I am not sure if Firefox listens to group policys??? We have a list of sites that bypass our proxy, and other things set via GP.

We make one change and it is reflected on all systems, so if Firefox can be controlled by group policies then it might do well in the corp environment

IckesTheSane 10th June 2009, 18:27 Quote
I bookmarked this a while back:
Says it's a customized version of FF that lets you manage settings through AD. Never did get around to messing with it though...
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