Sony planning Android Walkman?

Sony planning Android Walkman?

Sony's Walkman range of MP3 players could be getting a major overhaul if rumours of Android-based devices are true.

Android might be surfacing on increasing quantities of smartphones – and even certain netbooks – but Sony is taking the open-source OS some place new: the MP3 player.

Electronista claims that Sony is looking to leapfrog into the portable music device lead with a new Walkman range based on Google's Android platform.

Described by Impress as “an open secret,” the move would see Sony attempt to create a common platform for multiple devices: while Android would be likely to get its first outing on the company's range of Walkman-branded music and video players, it could also see use on the company's Mylo range of mobile internet devices. This consolidation of operating systems would vastly simplify Sony's development of the products, and possibly even raise future intercompatibility options.

With Sony's mobile phone arm – a joint venture with industry specialists Ericsson – already looking at Android-based handsets, it's no surprise that the company is looking to make use of the system. Whether the Sony Android would include the features which fans of the platform have come to expect – such as the Android Marketplace from which users can download additional applications to customise their system – is not yet known.

If Sony are indeed planning a move to Android, it could be just what the company is looking for: with early models relying largely on the Walkman brand rather than technical merit, its range of MP3 players has been – while successful – trailing behind Apple and even Microsoft. A fresh look at the hardware coupled with the possibilities offered by Android could see that change in the very near future.

Do you think that Android is overkill for a simple Walkman-style device, or do you predict that we'll see Google's OS making a splash in ever more diverse markets? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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proxess 9th June 2009, 13:25 Quote
Sounds pretty awesome.
I-E-D 9th June 2009, 13:34 Quote
Sounds good to me, and it'll stop getting mixed up between different OS's..
steveo_mcg 9th June 2009, 14:10 Quote
Would make a huge change for Sony not to use proprietary software and i'd welcome it, might even consider them if i ever get round to replacing my iRiver.
Tyrmot 9th June 2009, 14:26 Quote
good idea sony
UncertainGod 9th June 2009, 14:51 Quote
Clever move by Sony and only a good thing for the Android platform that it spreads it's wing's over multiple devices.
themax 10th June 2009, 03:54 Quote
Nice to Android speading across platforms. Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Netbooks/Laptops. It can only make Android better as an OS and could really lead to some nice synergy between the devices if users decide to go with a full Android setup in the home someday.
pizan 10th June 2009, 13:28 Quote
More proof that Google is trying to take over the world.
r4tch3t 11th June 2009, 09:48 Quote
I think it is a good thing, at least for consumers and Sony as people these days seem to want every device to be able to do everything. Personally I don't see the need for my MP3 player to do anything other than play Music and podcasts. If I wanted to play games or watch a movie I would use a dedicated device such as my PSP, Laptop or TV.
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