RealNetworks signs Linux deal

RealNetworks signs Linux deal

RealPlayer is hoping its deal with Xandros, Canonical, Phoenix, and DeviceVM will give it an in to the Linux netbook market.

Proof, if proof were needed, that Linux is making real headway in the consumer market – thanks largely to the success of Linux-based netbooks – has arrived in the form of a licensing agreement that will see RealPlayer made available for the open-source platform.

As reported over on AppScout, RealNetworks has joined forces with Linux luminaries Canonical, Xandros, Phoenix, and DeviceVM to bring the company's RealPlayer software to the Linux operating system.

The list of participants is an interesting one: Canonical is an obvious choice, having partnered with Dell to provide its Ubuntu operating system for Dell's range of recently-deceased Mini 9 and up-and-coming Mini 10 netbooks; Xandros likewise, having been selected by Asus to create a custom version of its distribution for the original Eee PC; Phoenix is better known for its range of PC BIOS packages, but is making waves in the Linux world with its instant-on HyperSpace Linux technology; and DeviceVM is another name in the instant-on Linux world, having developed Splashtop.

Clearly, RealNetworks isn't just aiming at the operating system level here: by bundling RealPlayer with BIOS-level instant-on operating systems, RealNetworks is hoping to become the de facto media player on such devices. However, without support for Adobe's Flash and standard optical media such as DVD out-of-the-box it's hard to see RealPlayer being the only playback package provided.

Despite this – and ignoring claims by Microsoft that Windows is a clear win on netbook platforms – RealNetworks clearly sees something in Linux on netbook platforms that its competitors have missed.

Does your Linux netbook cry out for a copy of RealPlayer, or are you more than happy playing such media via open-source packages such as VLC? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Dreaming 3rd June 2009, 13:44 Quote
Realplayer is horrid, it has been bundled with spyware since god knows when (just read the EULA!) so I've never used it really, just installing the alternative players (that also bypass the need for apple quicktime too :D).

Though it can only be a good thing for more software developers to take linux seriously.
Goty 3rd June 2009, 13:45 Quote
Oh good, just what we ne...


UncertainGod 3rd June 2009, 13:50 Quote
Realnetworks still exist?

Welcome linux to the wonderful world of spyware.
steveo_mcg 3rd June 2009, 13:55 Quote
Meh mplayer does every thing i've ever needed even rm streams so why bother.
bubsterboo 3rd June 2009, 13:56 Quote
What does realplayer offer that VLC or mplayer doesn't?
CardJoe 3rd June 2009, 13:57 Quote
I really hate Realplayer. Always have.
Blackmoon181 3rd June 2009, 14:17 Quote
DougEdey 3rd June 2009, 14:20 Quote
Errrrrr, Real Player is officially out on Linux anyway
DXR_13KE 3rd June 2009, 15:11 Quote
real player? what be that?
Gareth Halfacree 3rd June 2009, 15:20 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
Errrrrr, Real Player is officially out on Linux anyway
Out, yes. Bundled, no.
C-Sniper 3rd June 2009, 16:00 Quote
Another reason why all my hard drives get wiped when i get a new system
yakyb 3rd June 2009, 16:00 Quote
**** OFF REAL PLAYER (caps intended)
david fretwell 3rd June 2009, 16:30 Quote
Yep Real Player Sucks!
Zurechial 3rd June 2009, 16:31 Quote
Ugh, can't say I'd be pleased to see RealPlayer listed in a repository, nevermind bundled with a distro.

What's the bet we won't hear about any anti-competitive court cases over this one?

Bundling free software is only bad if you're Microsoft. ;)
steveo_mcg 3rd June 2009, 16:37 Quote
See if you can guess why its bad for the dominant player to bundle ITS OWN software free....
Jamie 3rd June 2009, 17:54 Quote
If there is one thing the global recession has failed to give us, it's the demise of RealPlayer.
ChaosDefinesOrder 3rd June 2009, 18:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Goty
Oh good, just what we ne...



Seconded - Real will have to try very hard to get rid of that lasting reputation, which is still what I associate with their POS players.

If anything should be bundled with Linux is should be VLC
amacieli 3rd June 2009, 18:09 Quote
maybe ubuntu mint, rather than adding all the useful stuff, will go ahead and remove real player for us as standard
perplekks45 3rd June 2009, 19:11 Quote
Yay! Another reason for unknowing wannabes to bash Linux! :(
HourBeforeDawn 3rd June 2009, 21:00 Quote
wait the Real Player is STILL around???? wow I thought they died years ago...
perplekks45 3rd June 2009, 23:25 Quote
You need it for BBC Radio streams. :(
UncertainGod 3rd June 2009, 23:32 Quote
Originally Posted by perplekks45
You need it for BBC Radio streams. :(

No you don't. I think they still provide it as an option but I seriously doubt many people actually use it any more in place of iPlayer streams
notatoad 4th June 2009, 00:41 Quote
realplayer has had a linux version forever, and unlike the windows version, it hardly sucks at all. the problem is that realvideo really sucks as a codec, so no matter how good the player is the movies it plays are still horrible quality.
airchie 4th June 2009, 01:53 Quote
Hmmm, that's worrying.

In windows, I know how to stop crap from running at start time but in linux I'm clueless.
Still, I have faith that any linux versions wouldn't have too much crap (other than the player) bundled and if they did, it'd be easy to remove it.
julianmartin 4th June 2009, 06:14 Quote
how gash is that!!! RP sucks hairy donkey balls!
perplekks45 5th June 2009, 14:26 Quote
Originally Posted by UncertainGod
No you don't. I think they still provide it as an option but I seriously doubt many people actually use it any more in place of iPlayer streams
Yes you do.
Just tried it again and it says "To play BBC Radio1 please first install Real Player." ... live streaming Radio1, that is.
nicae 5th June 2009, 17:45 Quote
I love VLC. Thanks to VLC, I don't need to skip QuickTime files altogether, as Apple tries to bundle their horrid player with iTunes and other junk.

Is mplayer any good?

Yeah, I know the topic is RealPlayer, but that's not worth typing for. :\
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