T-Mobile US sells millionth G1

T-Mobile US sells millionth G1

The G1 has racked up an impressive one million US sales in six months - and should only get more popular when the Android 1.5 update is released.

While T-Mobile's G1 – the first commercial smartphone based around Google's open source Android platform – might have some way to go before it beats the iPhone's sales figures, it's just passed an important milestone.

According to figures from Deutsche Telekom – quoted by CNet, the handset – which is a customised version of the Dream from HTC – has racked up a million US sales in the six months since launch. Somewhat impressively, the handset now accounts for around two-thirds of all 3G devices active on T-Mobile's US network.

Mobile advertising specialist AdMob is also reporting that the Android operating system now accounts for six percent of the US smartphone market – equal pegging with PalmOS. While its popularity is growing, it still has quite some way to go until it beats Windows Mobile at 11 percent, the BlackBerry operating system at 22 percent, or the incredibly popular iPhone which holds a massive fifty percent of the US smartphone market.

With the Android 1.5 update bringing some lovely new features, the popularity of the G1 is unlikely to wane any time soon. Android as a platform is also going from strength to strength, with several other handset manufacturers planning devices around the Linux-based operating system.

Netbook support for Android is also continuing to grow – despite doubts from some companies as to its suitability – with one commercial implementation already available, and another more powerful version due from MSI – if rumours published over on Electronista prove true.

Do you think the G1 – with the Android 1.5 updates – is the smartphone to have, or is Android still nothing more than an experiment? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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ch424 24th April 2009, 13:27 Quote
Cool! I saw one a few weeks ago and though it's damn ugly and bulky, the software seemed pretty good. However, 1 million doesn't sound all that many when you consider that Apple are selling that many iPhones every month and it's the same with Nokia and the 5800!
perplekks45 24th April 2009, 13:48 Quote
Apple sold more than 18 million iPhones so far [1st and 2nd gen combined] so 1 million doesn't sound too impressive. I, however, think it is. :p

Now get all that in a polished and nice[r] looking case and I might buy it.
pizan 24th April 2009, 14:00 Quote
I think its kinda impressive selling that many in competition with the iphone. Especially when it doesn't have the brand recognition apple does and all the people that will buy it because its apple.
guffy 24th April 2009, 14:09 Quote
I have had the G-1 for about 2 months now, and absolutely LOVE it. Congrats, T-Mobile.
cyrilthefish 25th April 2009, 12:49 Quote
Originally Posted by ch424
Cool! I saw one a few weeks ago and though it's damn ugly and bulky, the software seemed pretty good.
Same here

I really want an android phone, just as soon as they decide to release it on non-horrible hardware.

It's like HTC fired their design guys just before they started on the G1

Put Android on one of these please
docodine 26th April 2009, 01:20 Quote
I still haven't even seen one outside of a store, why is the thing bent on the bottom? Looks a bit strange.
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