Adobe gives Flex Builder for free

Adobe gives Flex Builder for free

The Flex Builder 3 Professional package - normally $699 - is now free for unemployed web developers.

The tech market might be struggling in the face of a global economic slowdown, but at least one company is doing its bit to help: Adobe.

In a surprising fit of generosity, the company is offering a licence for Flex Builder 3 – its Eclipse-based web application development tool – completely free for any developer to snag, so long as you can prove that you're unemployed.

As detailed on the company's website, Adobe is offering the licence, which normally costs $699 (£480) providing interested parties are willing to state that they are “not currently employed or being paid to develop software applications or web pages,” and to provide “some basic information about [their] previous work experience.

There are restrictions on the offer, however: the licence, despite being for the Professional edition of Flex Builder 3, is for personal use only and must “not be used for production or commercial purposes.” Adobe is also restricting the resale rights, telling developers that the freebie cannot be “transferred to any other person or entity.

That said, free is free: with the open-source Flex language proving popular in web development circles, anyone interested in improving their skills while they're temporarily between posts could do worse than to snag a copy at Adobe's expense.

It's not all generosity on Adobe's part, of course: the more developers that are skilled in Flex, the larger the market for the commercial editions of Flex Builder. Coupled with the non-production and non-transfer restrictions on the licence, as soon as a developer finds himself back in work it's a pretty much guaranteed sale.

Tempted to hit Adobe up for a freebie and see what the Flex fuss is all about, or is the company just desperate to drum up some interest? Share your thoughts over in the forums.

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flibblesan 11th April 2009, 14:16 Quote
Excellent. I've applied for this. Something to learn and it may help me get a job, or it might not. Pretty cool of Adobe doing this.
stonedsurd 11th April 2009, 14:18 Quote
Let's see if I get lucky.
Thanks for bringing this to our notice :)
aron311 11th April 2009, 14:36 Quote
So what about students? Can we have a copy?
pimonserry 11th April 2009, 16:02 Quote
Originally Posted by aron311
So what about students? Can we have a copy?

Well students are unemployed aren't they? :)

I might get a copy just to look at it/frame it/find out what it's actually about :o
Firehed 11th April 2009, 17:00 Quote
Cool, getting mine now, as I am technically unemplyed at the moment. Won't be for much longer, but I'm still not doing any Flex work and it might be fun to learn.
tictactoe 11th April 2009, 20:14 Quote
Nice 1 for the link, as I am actually enemployed at the mo', this will certainly give me something new to look at.
wiak 11th April 2009, 22:36 Quote
its a TRAP!
RUN! :p
talladega 12th April 2009, 09:25 Quote
I'm unemployed so hopefully they give it to me. If not whatever I'm not a web dev anyways. lol
talladega 4th May 2009, 19:16 Quote

today i got send a email with a download link and serial key from Adobe.

anyone else?
Turbotab 5th May 2009, 01:53 Quote
Originally Posted by talladega

today i got send a email with a download link and serial key from Adobe.

anyone else?

They have stopped excepting new requests, they now only offer the 60 day trial of Flex.:(
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