Google launches Chrome Experiments

Google launches Chrome Experiments

Google's Chrome Experiments site offers advanced JavaScript demos that show the browser's engine to best effect.

Google has launched a new site called Chrome Experiments which aims to promote the use of JavaScript – and, incidentally, the popularity of its open-source Chrome web browser.

The site – via CNet – plays hosts to a range of clever JavaScript applications which – surprise surprise – run best in Google's Chrome.

Describing the site, a Google spokesperson said that the company has “reached out to a number of well-known web designers and JavaScript developers” in order to demonstrate just what can be achieved when you have a fast enough JavaScript engine to run your creations on. The site will be constantly updated, too, with the company asking for developers to “build their own experiments and submit them through the site.

Currently showing nineteen examples, including animated beach balls which bounce from one Chrome window to another, a neat fractal tree generator, an applet for 3D image modelling, and a 'small talk' application which pulls weather related comments from Twitter.

The launch of the site comes as Google announces early limited support for Firefox-style browser extensions. As reported over on DownloadSquad, the company has developed a way to create JavaScript applets which can be loaded into the browser in order to modify pages. While you'll need the latest beta of Chrome 2.0 and there isn't really any extension worth installing, it adds a missing dimension that many surfers have been demanding from the browser.

Have the JavaScript experiments on the site tempted you into making the move to Chrome, or are you waiting until proper extension support is added? Is there anything Google is still missing? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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legoman666 19th March 2009, 14:49 Quote
Huzzah! I used Google Chrome for a while and loved it, it's great for multi-monitor systems. However, I got tired of all the ads and switched back to trusty Firefox with Adblock+. Can't wait to switch back.
Vhet 19th March 2009, 15:20 Quote
"I got tired of all the ads and switched back to trusty Firefox with Adblock+"

That, and no chrome for my linux box. Yet <(^_^<)
RostokMcSpoons 19th March 2009, 17:08 Quote
If I could have Mouse Gestures, and be able to open groups of bookmarks with a single click, I'd use Chrome full time ... at least at home.

At work I'll stick with Opera. It gives me the flexibility turn off images at the click of an icon and also switch the Style to 'high contrast' which has the happy side-effect of making most web pages monochrome, therefore reducing the visibility of web pages at a distance... so it's less obvious to passing managers when I'm taking a break ;)
zelachang 19th March 2009, 17:21 Quote
If you like chrome but miss adblock, look up Privoxy. Its not a plugin but filters ads just the same. After using chrome+privoxy I hate going back to FF as its so slow and heavy.
amacieli 19th March 2009, 17:56 Quote
Disappointed with Chrome. Crashes all the time - after the millionth "aw, snap" message on YouTube or Google Maps or some PDF, I uninstalled with prejudice. Is fast, though. Also, don't like it's bookmarking system at all - not sure I've seen any browser that does it well, though even IE8 and Opera do it better. Agree with earlier poster about FF getting heavy...
Vhet 19th March 2009, 18:54 Quote
Amacieli, judging by your IE8, are you on windows 7? Try it on another OS, chrome on windows 7 is epic fail.
cpemma 19th March 2009, 19:01 Quote
In other news, IE8 went gold today... ;)
Vhet 19th March 2009, 19:26 Quote
Sorry, sorry. I haven't had any coffee today :(

EDIT: "In other news, IE8 went gold today... " -ICWUTUDIDTHAR. Vhet sees all, knows all.
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