Toshiba launches 1GHz smartphone

Toshiba launches 1GHz smartphone

The Toshiba TG01 is the first smartphone to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform - a processor running at 1GHz.

If, in your eyes, computing is all about the megahertz race, you'll want to hit up Toshiba for one of its latest smartphones – the first to feature a 1GHz processor.

As reported over on CNet, the company has become the first to launch hardware based on the Snapdragon platform from communication chip specialist Qualcomm. Dubbed the TG01 and running Windows Mobile, the device features a 4.1” 800x480 resistive touch screen, support for 3G and WiFi connections, and in-built GPS with A-GPS support it's a fairly standard smartphone at first glance, albeit one with a particularly high resolution display.

It's once you start to look beyond the obvious that you realise the potential behind the Snapdragon platform. For starters, the device is a mere 9.9mm thick – which is no mean feat, when you compare it to Apple's iPhone at a rather chunkier 11.6mm. The real star of the show, however, is the silicon.

The Snapdragon platform on this particular handset is running a RISC-based processor at an impressive 1GHz – which makes it powerful enough to decode and play 720p HD video, render 3D graphics at a rate of up to 22M triangles per second, run displays at up to XGA resolutions, and easily chuck around graphics from a 12 megapixel camera. This isn't your average smartphone chip, that's for sure.

Qualcomm isn't content with the current performance, either: the current QSD8250 chipset, as used in the TG01, will eventually be replaced by the QSD8672 – a dual-core version running at 1.5GHz with full 1080p HD video support and in-built ATI graphics processing. To put it into perspective, that's several times the power of my original-model Eee PC. In a smartphone.

If you're not too keen on the styling of Toshiba's offering, but still want to get your hands on some Qualcomm Snapdragon goodness, fear not: both Acer and Asus are also currently working on handsets based on the platform, but have been pipped to the post in this instance. So far, neither company has issued a timescale for release – but Toshiba is hoping to have the TG01 out in Europe some time this summer, at an unknown pricing level.

Tempted to get a 1GHz smartphone, or are you waiting for the 1.5GHz dual-core version so you can fold on the go? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Arkanrais 5th February 2009, 13:22 Quote
I think I just made a mess.
Bauul 5th February 2009, 13:50 Quote
That's pretty crazy. Although there are few things I can think of that would require 1.5Ghz in a phone.
Rexxie 5th February 2009, 14:17 Quote
TGImages 5th February 2009, 14:22 Quote
Um... battery life? Nice that you can do 720p and 22M triangles... but if the battery can only sustain this for 30 minutes until it dies then it isn't so useful. I thought the reasoning behind "under powered" chips in most portable devices is to extend battery life.
teamtd11 5th February 2009, 14:35 Quote
WOW... I wants soooo much :p
p3n 5th February 2009, 14:37 Quote
Shame it runs windows :p
Gareth Halfacree 5th February 2009, 14:37 Quote
Originally Posted by p3n
Shame it runs windows :p
Give it a while after release and I'm sure some wag'll put Debian or Android on it. :p
<A88> 5th February 2009, 14:59 Quote
The interface looked pretty temperamental from the video I saw, although the hardware obviously has a lot of potential. I wouldn't be surprised if the XDA-Dev forumites manage to get WinMo 6.5 running on it when it comes out though- failing that there's still Android.
Mr Mario 5th February 2009, 17:44 Quote
It does look very nice, but come Spring I think I will be chosing a htc hd, as the TG01 is mahusive, and I can imagine it wouldn't fit to jean pockets that well.
Goty 5th February 2009, 17:45 Quote
Why ruin an otherwise well-spec'd system with a resistive touchscreen?
bahgger 5th February 2009, 18:46 Quote
Mm toasty hands during the winter when it'll be cold! Those gigahertz are bound to keep you nice and warm!

Too bad about the resistive touchscreen though :(
War-Rasta 5th February 2009, 20:14 Quote
What makes me sad is that those are pretty much the specs of my current laptop :-(
glaeken 5th February 2009, 20:45 Quote
It would beat the pants off of my 800mghz lappy too :( I didn't buy it for speed though.

Looks pretty nice, with hp too. If the battery lasts a resonable amount of time then I'll have one :)
chrisb2e9 5th February 2009, 21:24 Quote
nice, I'm waiting for my contract with my current cell phone provider to expire so I can switch to one with more coverage. That happens in October. Then I plan on getting a smart phone to replace my aging one. darn thing can only hold 43 txt messages.
aron311 5th February 2009, 22:28 Quote
:-O Going to need a battery the same size again strapped to the back but sounds like it may force down other 'smartphones' to a more sensible price point if this can really deliver.

Might just be the answer for me I have been struggling between gettiing an ultraportable with 3g card and a 3g pda smartphone for some time!
Cupboard 5th February 2009, 22:53 Quote
Shame I have spent my phone budget for the foreseeable future :(

Why are people complaining about a resistive touchscreen? IMO they are by far the better, you can use a stylus, things don't have to be supersized, you can use it with gloves on etc.
As far as I see it, the main advantages of a capacitative touch screen are multitouch (and you can get most of the useful features using something like the Touch Diamond's capacitative panel at the bottom for zooming, or the X1's optical joystick) and not answering the phone accidentally in your pocket.
GavX 5th February 2009, 23:04 Quote
"fold on the go" the thing would melt...
Still, be interesting to see how much this costs, looking for a smart phone myself in April, who knows
Goty 5th February 2009, 23:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Cupboard
Why are people complaining about a resistive touchscreen?

Resistive touchscreens are mushy, inaccurate and unresponsive, for one (or three).
Burnout21 5th February 2009, 23:43 Quote

when i look at what i use my phone for, texting and calling, i hardly understand why its got a colour screen. lol! Camera are always poor in my view as i usually have a compact digi or or my SLR on me.
Cupboard 6th February 2009, 12:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Goty
Resistive touchscreens are mushy, inaccurate and unresponsive, for one (or three).

In principle I can see where you are coming from with the inaccurate and unresponsive but for someone with reasonably sized fingers, I can't hit anything accurately on a screen, which is where the stylus helps. I find that a lot of the time, the screen on the iPhone/iPod touch doesn't respond to my finger presses, whether that is because I have dry hand or not I don't know, and because you can't use a stylus on a capacitative screen you can't have any form of handwriting recognition.

As far as mushy is concerned, the screen on my 6 year old Dell Axim does move a reasonable amount but my Touch Diamond hardly moves at all and it certainly not mushy.
Slyporkie 6th February 2009, 12:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Burnout21

when i look at what i use my phone for, texting and calling, i hardly understand why its got a colour screen. lol! Camera are always poor in my view as i usually have a compact digi or or my SLR on me.


Why carry a camera around, you have eyes and a brain!
Some people use their phones for more than you do, and some people want to take crappy pictures.

Each to their own dude!
Langer 6th February 2009, 17:17 Quote

@Cupboard - You can get stylus' for capacitive screens - Example
willyolio 7th February 2009, 08:05 Quote
clock speeds stopped being important years ago. how fast is this processor, exactly?
B1GBUD 7th February 2009, 11:45 Quote
It may be powerful enough to play 720p but it's only 800x480?
boggsi 11th February 2009, 01:30 Quote
Originally Posted by B1GBUD
It may be powerful enough to play 720p but it's only 800x480?

I'm assuming it would have a video-out. (Most phones do these days for picture display etc.).

WANT. Although would prefer capacitive screen!
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