The DIY calculator wristwatch

The DIY calculator wristwatch

The µWatch features both algebraic and RPN modes, and is surprisingly powerful given its minuscule size.

If you've ever wanted the ultimate in geeky wristwear accessories, you'll want to check out the first home-made scientific calculator wristwatch.

Created by David Jones to replace a broken Casio CFX-400 calculator watch – and featured over on Hack a Day – the µWatch is just about the nerdiest thing you'll ever wear on your wrist.

Featuring both reverse Polish notation and algebraic modes, the watch was designed and built by Jones when the wrist band support on his aging Casio watch broke – and he was unable to find a product on the market that would match it for usability.

Based around a PIC board and featuring 64KB of flash storage with 8KB of RAM, it's a surprisingly powerful – if slightly bulky – unit. The screen is a dot-matrix display capable of showing two lines of up to sixteen characters, and features an LED backlight that Jones admits is “pretty dim.”

The best part of the project is that all the source code – written in the MPLAB C30 language – is available under the GPL v3 open-source license, along with full schematics should you want to roll your own. If your electronic skills aren't quite up to the task, Jones is also selling the device in kit form – although the first three batches sold out rapidly.

It's not a fashion accessory that will appeal to all, but the µWatch is perfect for when you need a four-level HP-style reverse Polish notation stack strapped to your wrist. And lets face it – isn't that worth looking like a bit of a plonker?

Tempted to strap a crazily powerful calculator to your wrist, or are you hanging on for a revision with a bit more style? Has the project given you any ideas for your own custom watch? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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wuyanxu 22nd January 2009, 12:06 Quote
on my god. i so want one of that.

makes me wonder, why does companies like LG build phone-watches when calculator watches are clearly a better solution. :)
proxess 22nd January 2009, 12:32 Quote
Definitely nice for those tests init...
steveo_mcg 22nd January 2009, 13:39 Quote
Meh, come back when it'll play crysis ;)

I remember my casio calc watch fondly they never did survive a battery change and the buttons seemed to be only workable by some one with very small fingers....
B3CK 22nd January 2009, 16:28 Quote
R3veNG 22nd January 2009, 23:16 Quote
<have to say this>

But will it run Crysis?

<had to say this>
Otto69 22nd January 2009, 23:22 Quote
I'm on the list to buy one. I will mod it. Can you say SteamPunk?
Mighty Yoshimi 23rd January 2009, 08:22 Quote
Imagine trying to pull wearing that
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