bit-tech Mod of the Year 08 Winner No.1

bit-tech Mod of the Year 08 Winner No.1

Ton's TF2 Sentry Mod or Magnus's Reflection HTPC? Two of many mods you need to decide on!

It's only been a few days since we launched our Mod of the Year contest and already we've had nearly 1,000 votes in. Just like last year, to reward our humble readers who took the time to vote we've got prizes to give away!

For today's prize we've teamed up with the awesome people at Asus and Coolink to bundle two premium bits of kit: firstly the top quality Asus Xonar DX souncard - PCI-Express, HD sound with Dolby and DTS that got our recommended award earlier this year, and a Coolink Cooling Kit consisting of a Coolink ChipChilla Chipset Cooler, a Coolink Silent Savior HDD Cooler and Coolink Chillaramic Thermal Compound - if that doesn't keep your system cool, we don't know what will!

And congratulations to today's Winner who is: James Austin

Don't fret the rest of you, there's still more to come before the competition closes on the 7th of January and all current voters still have a chance to win future prizes between now and then, so the earlier you get your vote in - the better chance you have of winning something!

Join us in the forums to have a chat about the competition and today's prize.

bit-tech Mod of the Year 08 Winner No.1

bit-tech Mod of the Year 08 Winner No.1


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Mankz 27th December 2008, 14:20 Quote
Yemerich 27th December 2008, 14:57 Quote
me me me...

oo, wait... That's not me. Hmmmm

Congrats anyway :D
legoman666 28th December 2008, 03:40 Quote
how about a link somewhere in the article or this post to the damn mod? lol.
notatoad 28th December 2008, 03:45 Quote
link to what mod? this isn't a moty winner, it's just the prize draw for the people who voted.
sub routine 28th December 2008, 07:57 Quote
woohoo gz.
unkleblacky 28th December 2008, 21:46 Quote
congrats, nwq to this sit and lookig forward to contributung
unkleblacky 28th December 2008, 21:47 Quote
oops bad spelling apologies guys
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