bit-tech January PotM winner announced

bit-tech January PotM winner announced

The tree dedicated to former astronaut, Pete Conrad, is actually lit red.

Congratulations to forum member supermonkey, who achieved first place in December-January's Photo of the Month competition, themed "Red" with his entry "Pete Conrad". Congratulations also to forum member ~Link~ who claims second place with his entry "Flowers" and third place goes to forum member TNash with his entry "Amaryllis".

Yet again, we have hooked up with OCZ Technology to give some awesome prizes away to the winners.

The full set of results are as follows:

Click on the picture snap shots for the forum posts with the full images.

The bit-tech digital art forum and the Photo of the Month site are the main hubs for our photography competition. It is held monthly and open to anyone that wants to enter as long as you're a member of our forums (it's free to register)! The picture can be any photograph of your interpretation of that month's theme, and there is no restriction on what camera you can use. Entries have to be submitted by the 25th of the month, giving you plenty of time to get snapping. The winners are decided by the voting of others who have also entered.

Since winning, supermonkey was charged with nominating the theme for February and he's chosen: "Reflection", defined as:
  • The phenomenon of light, heat, sound, etc. being reflected.
  • An image formed by reflection.
  • A consequence or result. i.e. healthy skin is a reflection of good health.
  • A thing bringing discredit.
  • Serious thought or consideration.
Good luck to everyone for February!

Any questions or comments? Drop them over here in the forums.


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Mankz 2nd February 2008, 11:29 Quote
A very well deserved winner.
<A88> 2nd February 2008, 12:07 Quote
Yup, was always gonna win, although the other shots looked fantastic too. Liking the new theme as well, will definitely give it a shot so to speak.
Blademrk 2nd February 2008, 15:17 Quote
Thought it was a stunning photo, the wallpaper is on my work PC at the moment
slugbug 3rd February 2008, 05:52 Quote
Well deserved win. A beautiful picture.
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