bit-tech Mod of the Year Winner No. 9

bit-tech Mod of the Year Winner No. 9

Pick your favourite mod and have a chance of winning some fantastic prizes!

Today we've picked our ninth and penultimate winner for our Mod of the Year contest, for which the votes have been piling in. If you still haven't voted, do so right here.

We've teamed up with the awesome people from Corsair to give away a new TX750W PSU.

And congratulations to today's winner who is, Lee Kempton

Don't fret the rest of you, there's still a little more to come before the competition closes on the 14th of January and all current voters still have a chance to win one more prize between now and then!

Join us in the forums to have a chat about the competition and today's prize.


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slugbug 12th January 2008, 18:30 Quote
Congrats Lee! That's a nice PSU.
So how many prizes are left?
yodasarmpit 12th January 2008, 18:37 Quote
Originally Posted by slugbug

So how many prizes are left?
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
and with the help of Corsair we pick our penultimate winner.
slugbug 12th January 2008, 20:19 Quote to last :)
Glider 12th January 2008, 20:21 Quote
0/9 thus far... 1 more chance to win... *crosses fingers*

But none the less, Gratz Lee!
DougEdey 12th January 2008, 21:21 Quote
g_gimbert 12th January 2008, 22:52 Quote
Nice Prize!

Lots of PSU's being given away?

Is the c2d the last prize then?
Bindibadgi 12th January 2008, 22:59 Quote
Nope, Gigabyte mobo.

C2D goes to the Modding winner
werty316 13th January 2008, 02:44 Quote
Congrats as that is one sweet PSU.
r4tch3t 13th January 2008, 03:41 Quote
Congratulations to Lee and a cheers to Corsair ;)
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