Arctic Cooling updates line for 2008

Arctic Cooling updates line for 2008

The case looks a little cramped - but it's incredibly silent and well ventilated.

We took a few minutes on the show floor today to go visit our friends over at Arctic Cooling. Many of you are familiar with the AC line of products, particularly the awesome Freezer CPU cooler. With such a great name for both CPU and GPU cooling, we were pretty excited to see what the company had in 2008 to add to its line-up.

First on the list is a new GPU cooler, dubbed the Accelero Xtreme. It is made for all of the high-end GPUs (Nvidia 8800 series and AMD 38xx series), and features a massive heatsink with four heatpipes. The sink goes across the entire length of the card and takes up three slots. It cools via three smaller-diameter soft-mounted fans that run really quietly, even at load. The three fans provide a more even cooling than one fan blowing across, the length of the sink, improving cooling by a reported twenty degrees over the reference coolers.

Also introduced this year is an update to the Freezer CPU line, called the Freezer Xtreme (catching a pattern here?). The major selling point of this is that it's a bit lighter than the older models, weighing in at a mere 650g. However, due to some redesign, cooling performance is actually increased, helped by a whopping eight heatpipes off of the contact block. It is still cooled by a 120mm fan, this time soft-mounted with a rubber grommet setup to reduce overall vibration and noise.

This year will be the first for the company to release a PSU, the Fusion 550RF, which will undoubtedly end up on Richard's test bench soon - it's a 550W system that is 80+ certified (performance is between 82% at low loads and 86% at full load). It is cooled by an 80mm soft-mounted fan, but the design is a little unique - the fan is mounted on the front of the PSU instead of the back, which should reduce audible vibrations significantly.

Finally (and most exciting), the company has released a new case (Silentium T Eco 80) that is complete with the PSU mentioned above. It's actually already out in select spots in Europe for a mere 130 Euros, and will reach the US this year for $150 USD. The design throws ATX convention to the wind, putting the PSU at the front-bottom of the case. It is, of course, designed to work with other AC products, but it does so very well - an 8800GT SLI system was cooled passively with core temps at load of only 53 degrees. No joke, we've got the pics to prove it.

You can look for all of the products to be hitting shelves at the end of the first quarter, and we'll have a review around that time. The case has already been added to Joe's (over)workload, so we'll be seeing that sooner since it's available for those of you in Europe right now.

Do you have a thought on the releases? Are you a fan of AC products to begin with? Tell us your experiences in our forums. And check out the pics below!


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Cupboard 8th January 2008, 19:01 Quote
Interesting to see they weren't using their new heatsink in that display case, they were still using the Freezer 7 Pro. And that power supply looks weird...

Would this be the first triple slot graphics card cooler?
mrb_no1 8th January 2008, 19:38 Quote
great thinking on the psu, although i normally only buy psu with it inside the case anways(situated directly above the cpu). If those 3 fans really keep it that cold and remain quiet then great, my hesitation lies with the noise of them though, with obstabcles in the way etc etc, only time will tell.

E.E.L. Ambiense 8th January 2008, 20:23 Quote
I admit I'm a silent :D fan of AC's stuff. I have three of their Accelero X1's on 7800GT's. Quiet as all hell, and actually dropped temps by a degree or two then stock cooling. I've used their CPU coolers occasionally over the years, starting with their 478 solutions. Good stuff, and affordable too!
drakanious 8th January 2008, 20:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Cupboard
Would this be the first triple slot graphics card cooler?

A Thermalright HR-03 with attached fan takes up 3 slots, if it's mounted so that the fins are in front of the card (as opposed to behind it). Actually does it take up 3 even if it's mounted behind it?--I don't actually own one, only read a ton of reviews.
Redbeaver 8th January 2008, 21:28 Quote
my best and favourite VGA cooler is undoubtly the AC Silencer5 rev3. yknow, the one for the 7800~7900GT? extremely silent, extremely cool, and pull push the air to work brilliantly with my case! the current stock 8800GT/GTS coolers follow the same design, but way louder....

i cant wait to get one of them AC stuff. and the case looks interesting too! hmmmm AC FTW!!
mutznutz 8th January 2008, 22:49 Quote
If the psu is at the front at the bottom where does the power cable plug in?

Certainly interesting though, I do like AC products, all the new kit for my case is AC (4 120mm fans, Xcellero, and an Freezer 7)
z3rb 9th January 2008, 02:30 Quote
Do want case review.
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