bit-tech Mod of the Year Winner No. 7

bit-tech Mod of the Year Winner No. 7

Vote for one of these mods and get the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Today we've picked our seventh winner for our Mod of the Year contest, for which the votes have been piling in. If you still haven't voted, do so right here.

We've teamed up again with the fantastic people at Cooler Master to give away a Real Power M850 PSU (RS-850-ESBA)

And congratulations to today's winner who is, Hannah Prosser

Don't fret the rest of you, there's still more to come before the competition closes on the 14th of January and all current voters still have a chance to win future prizes between now and then, so the earlier you get your vote in, the better chance you have of winning something!

Join us in the forums to have a chat about the competition and today's prize.


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DougEdey 7th January 2008, 17:33 Quote
C-Sniper 7th January 2008, 17:46 Quote
Congrats Hannah!!!!
FeRaL 7th January 2008, 18:08 Quote
Nice score, congrats
The_Pope 7th January 2008, 18:26 Quote
Proof to everyone that there ARE some female bit-tech'ers out there!
Firehed 7th January 2008, 18:37 Quote
Well we've always had Emzay... somewhere.
slugbug 7th January 2008, 18:49 Quote
Congrats Hannah!
g_gimbert 7th January 2008, 19:10 Quote
yakyb 7th January 2008, 22:35 Quote
congratulations 8th January 2008, 04:16 Quote
wish i would win something :<

congrats, make good use of it and don't e-bay it! :P
africalass 14th January 2008, 13:52 Quote
Thanks all! I can't believe I've won! Glad to prove to the pope about girlie bit-tech'ers - have some faith!
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