Poll: Where do you prefer to watch Internet video?

Poll: Where do you prefer to watch Internet video?

Do you watch the tubes through the other tubes or.. not?

To say YouTube is quite popular is an obvious understatement, where every man and his dog seems to be video blogging or making Internet TV for you to stream or download.

iTunes is also becoming increasingly popular, and even if it has just lost NBC, you can still download a ton of the most popular TV shows. The tube you sit in front of has changed from being the TV to the net and what has this done to our watching habits?

Do you now curl up somewhere quiet with a notebook and some headphones to really saver every pixel? or do you just sit in front of your PC and play it as soon as it comes down? Or perhaps you go to the extra effort or have a HTPC setup where you plonk yourself on the sofa, kick back and relax as it plays on the big screen?

If none of the above apply or you have different rituals for different shows - let us know in the forums!


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Poisonous 7th October 2007, 12:09 Quote
What is TV?
DougEdey 7th October 2007, 12:10 Quote
I stay in bed and watch the downloaded high def content on my 24" Dell.

I refuse to pay for sky/cable HD tv. I want HD freeview!
Bindibadgi 7th October 2007, 12:11 Quote
Jeeez gizzus a second, I'm watching the F1 too! >_<
sandys 7th October 2007, 12:13 Quote
Front room, my mediaPC upscales avis and other movie types using ffdshow and are very watchable on a big HDTV even when low res avi are involved, it can require a fair bit of processing power though to upscale to 1920x1080 as you typically want to scale to a higher res and then dowscale to the screen res but my X2 more than copes.
Ramble 7th October 2007, 12:19 Quote
On the internet of course...
oddball walking 7th October 2007, 12:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Ramble
On the internet of course...

Funny that, same here!
Veles 7th October 2007, 13:38 Quote
Right now, on my monitor, used to have my PC linked up to a standard CRT TV but that was a bit of a pain in the ass so I stopped doing that, once I get a nice LCD TV I expect to watch more stuff on a nice big TV instead.
Bluephoenix 7th October 2007, 13:43 Quote
same basic principle as sandys, but displayed on my 30" dell instead.
Mankz 7th October 2007, 13:47 Quote
I watch it on a lappy on my chest when I'm in bed or with the screen 2 feet from my bed if I'm doing it through the desktop.
AngelOfRage 7th October 2007, 13:49 Quote
Currently drag and arm chair infront of my 22inch Dell LCD. I might be looking for a proper LCD TV in the new year, as i'd muhc prefer to watch it like that.
Joeymac 7th October 2007, 13:49 Quote
I watch them on my PC.. which I use from the sofa. The Samsung 40 inch 1080p TV was soooo worth filling the credit card for.
The delma I face today is.. shall I watch Top Gear as it airs, or, should I wait to download the HD version. I probably end up watching both, but in this day and age it should be coming in over freeview. If they got rid of the mountains of crap shopping channels and "FTN" (or whatever the **** the channels that absolutely no one watches are called). Then they could easily fit in a few good HD channels.
The BBC trust will probably ponder away on these simple decisions for another 3 years. They have said they could switch HD on freeview immediately but "some people won't be able to get it and need new freeview boxes and education" Well I don't..! Turn it on dam it... TURN IT ON!

edit:... phew. Went to my angry place..... and I'm back.

edit 2: Top Gear isn't on BBC HD tonight. :( The Arctic special was in HD! The BBC is now regressing. Roll on the black and white snooker.
Hex 7th October 2007, 13:58 Quote
I have a small media PC in my living room (sans monitor, etc.) that stays on 24/7 obtaining stuff for me to watch, I also have my DVDs ripped to it so I don't have to bother getting them out of their cases (OK, that is quite lazy).

Then in my living room & bedroom I have my LCD TVs hooked up to media players (Buffalo LinkTheater in my room, Mvix in my living room) so I can watch everything on TVs rather than sit at my desk. I sometimes watch stuff from YouTube through the Wii too for the same reason.

Also, I believe ftn has now morphed into Virgin1, 1 down...
Joeymac 7th October 2007, 14:08 Quote
Virgin 1 is on freeview... I did not know that. That's got some quite good shows.
Just bid-tv, Thomas cook, price-drop and ideal world to go...
BioSniper 7th October 2007, 14:08 Quote
Depends really, if I'm watching streaming media it's usually done at a PC due to media centres inability to actually do anything useful when used in conjunction with with a 360 as a media centre extender.
Some stuff I'll watch on a TV though.
samkiller42 7th October 2007, 14:09 Quote
Put another option on the poll and i will vote, but i cant other wise:(
The other option: "I can't watch internet TV as my internet sucks"

RTT 7th October 2007, 14:10 Quote
Notebook -> TV + sofa = win
DougEdey 7th October 2007, 14:24 Quote
Be careful with torrents, technically they're illegal.
airchie 7th October 2007, 15:12 Quote
I wanna build another fileserver.
I sold mine a while ago as I was skint and I miss it badly.

Really wanna build a bad-ass HTPC/fileserver/downloader machine to stay on 24/7 for any purpose but not got the time/money/inclination atm. :/
Duste 7th October 2007, 15:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz.
I watch it on a lappy on my chest...

I smell...*sniffs*...CANCER!

thefriscokid 7th October 2007, 16:33 Quote
either on my 24" benq lcd or my 32" samsung lcd tv
Hamish 7th October 2007, 16:50 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
I stay in bed and watch the downloaded high def content on my 24" Dell.

I refuse to pay for sky/cable HD tv. I want HD freeview!


also FTN is aweseome because sometimes it shows takeshi's castle B)
Delphium 7th October 2007, 16:50 Quote
Usually a 42" plasma connected to pc, sitting on a giant been bag :D
Tim S 7th October 2007, 17:19 Quote
All three - really depends what it is, what time it is and where I am. :)
zerolock 7th October 2007, 17:27 Quote
I always watch my video at my PC from a 19" lcd monitor, I really need a new one, something reasonable like 22" :'(
evanbraakensiek 7th October 2007, 17:46 Quote
Some people obviously have too much time and money <_<

BBC iPlayer, 'torrented' anime, or DVD's on my normal 19' Asus TFT at my computer, otherwise I'm not adverse to actually sitting on the sofa and watching the football or ugly betty!
capnPedro 7th October 2007, 18:26 Quote
HTPC for the cheesecake, but if it's just something random on YouTube then I'll just watch it on my main rig.

Although my "internet TV" mostly comes through BitTorrent.
Kipman725 7th October 2007, 18:26 Quote
watch on pc monitor get from IRC... haven't watched TV since stargate was shown on channel 4, nothing has rearly interested me since.
z3rb 7th October 2007, 19:40 Quote
I generally "acquire" XviDs and pop them on my *completely un-modded* xbox, and watch them on my telly.
bubsterboo 7th October 2007, 19:42 Quote
At school :P
M_D_K 7th October 2007, 19:58 Quote
On my computer or if theres a show both me and the gf like then on the projector on the sofa :D where all TV should be enjoyed.
The_Beast 7th October 2007, 20:20 Quote
i watch it at the library (stupid dial-up)
legoman666 8th October 2007, 01:28 Quote
Only my computer has surround sound/decent speakers, so I'll watch the stuff that'll benefit from it on my pc (IE, I'm watching band of brothers on it now). Other things; if I'm watching it late at night, I'll just watch on my laptop laying on my bed. If it's during the day, I'll watch it on the 52" bigscreen hdtv sittin on the couch.
Firehed 8th October 2007, 04:09 Quote
Desk or laptop. I don't have a big screen TV, and wouldn't consider getting one just for gaming (my 24" is big enough at chair distance for consoles) or downloaded content. I never watch YouTube unless someone points me to something worth watching, and rarely use Joost. Bit-torrent TV rips of Stewart and Colbert are still pixellated enough that I wouldn't consider it a worthwhile investment.
Fozzy 8th October 2007, 07:28 Quote
All three baby. My dad's sporting the big screen where I do my on demanding. I have all of my movies ripped to my main PC. And I youtube funny/cool vids with my bro constantly on my laptop.
mushky 8th October 2007, 07:55 Quote
All of them really, depending on what it is I'm watching. Footie streams usually on laptop or big screen if people are round. TV shows big screen mostly. Youtube stuff, short episodes on lappy and desktop.
mikeuk2004 8th October 2007, 12:05 Quote
err, on my PSP. Wheres the option??

I usually watch things like the 1up show etc every week on my PSP at work. Other internet downloads and videos like youtube are watched on my laptop sat on me sofa while watching TV on my TV.
yakyb 8th October 2007, 12:05 Quote
right now at my desk but i have plans to use a 2400 when i move out (next couple of months) to use a HD tv
will. 8th October 2007, 12:09 Quote
Sittin' on ma bean bag in front of my 32inch Samsung tellyvision.
Brooxy 8th October 2007, 12:10 Quote
Usually I watch it when I'm in bed, with the laptop playing it on the side.
korhojoa 9th October 2007, 13:15 Quote
All of them, but:
There is no PMP option :(
I usually watch some shows on my phone...
profqwerty 9th October 2007, 15:15 Quote
Got a slingbox here for telly in france!
it always seems to cut out at critical moments though:(
seebul 9th October 2007, 16:19 Quote
Why doesnt bbc, channel 4, itv, sky support mac:(:(
mikeuk2004 9th October 2007, 18:19 Quote
Originally Posted by seebul
Why doesnt bbc, channel 4, itv, sky support mac:(:(

I thought Mac users have given up asking questions like that.
Fophillips 9th October 2007, 18:59 Quote
Originally Posted by seebul
Why doesnt bbc, channel 4, itv, sky support mac:(:(

The same reason they don't support anything else that isn't Windows... They use monopolising DRM systems.
completemadness 9th October 2007, 20:44 Quote
Originally Posted by seebul
Why doesnt bbc, channel 4, itv, sky support mac:(:(
they dont support linux either

Infact the mac usually gets better support then linux IMO (except as linux is OSS stuff usually gets hacked up to make stuff work)
seebul 9th October 2007, 22:34 Quote
Originally Posted by mikeuk2004
I thought Mac users have given up asking questions like that.

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