Joost is now public

Joost is now public

Joost allows you to watch over 15,000 shows on-demand through your PC.

Joost has announced that its peer-to-peer Internet TV service is now available for public consumption, according to an official post on the company’s blog.

However, the company was quick to highlight that, despite Joost reaching ‘1.0’ status, it doesn’t mean the software is no longer in beta. “There’s a lot more work to be done before we’re satisfied, and yes, you may find a bug or two.”

Joost is a completely free service that allows users to stream on-demand television shows to their PC. It is supported almost entirely by advertising and was originally developed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, the founders of Skype and KaZaA.

With over 15,000 TV shows across more than 250 channels, the company has managed to sign deals with many big content providers including CBS, MTV, the NHL, Sony, Viacom and the Warner Music Group.

The beta is available for download from Joost’s homepage and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X operating systems. There’s currently no direct support for the Linux community, but the program can be run using WINE.

We had a look at Joost’s progress back in May and it’ll be interesting to see how far development has come since then. Have you been on the Joost beta? If so, share your experiences with the service in the forums. Also, if you're going to install Joost, it might be worth checking out Frag - you might notice a familiar face or two...


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Joeymac 2nd October 2007, 16:51 Quote
I was on the beta.. it was alright. Nothing on it I actually would watch though. The image quality is fine, it's fairly quick to start up shows. Maybe the programming has improved of late, but there are only so many episodes of "Guinness World of Records" and Fifth Gear clips you can watch.
CardJoe 2nd October 2007, 17:06 Quote
I suggest everyone go an watch this new show called 'Frag'. It's teh awesum.
leexgx 2nd October 2007, 17:40 Quote
works very well paramount UK movies lol

this is what thay should of been doing years ago then thay not be in the state of users allways downloading illegally

all thay need to do is Give the users the option to Limit the uploading seems to be p2p based as well as i am uploading when watching it (the hunt for red october :) jumping an little)

or thay run into the problem the BBC had with theres (well BBC and C4 UK had an service that kept on running when the Main program had quit when Joost is not running in the task bar it upload downloads nothing)
Redbeaver 2nd October 2007, 18:20 Quote
pffft....... its great and all but the options of channels and shows here in Canada is ridicolously minimal.... i heard US viewers have more channels,and if they're signing up NHL, CBS, MTV, etc, that'll be awesome!
leexgx 2nd October 2007, 20:35 Quote
you could allways just put UK post code in there or an US code over an Canada code
DXR_13KE 2nd October 2007, 23:06 Quote
i think it filters users by IP.... which sucks......
leexgx 2nd October 2007, 23:13 Quote
works well tho needs upload limitng tho
dr_bowtie 3rd October 2007, 04:08 Quote
Nice program I have been using it about a month or so...the latest version 1.0 is really nice and a bit better than 0.12 that I was using...better layout and a smoother interface...
evanbraakensiek 3rd October 2007, 04:50 Quote
Downloaded it after reading this news post. It looks gorgeous but has literally nothing worth watching unlike the BBC iPlayer which I've also been using for some time now, can't get enough of Saxondale and Panorama!
CardJoe 3rd October 2007, 07:43 Quote
Yeah, but the BBCiplayer is full of malware and hidden P2P services. So is 4OD. Make sure you get rid of the hidden application Kservice.exe whenever you aren't running it - even if you turn off the player you still have to disable this process manually.
Garside 3rd October 2007, 15:59 Quote
Hey guys, you might recognise former editor of bit-tech, Wil Harris, on the Frag channel 'Around the net in 20 Games - Halo', oh and if you fancy seeing me check out Frag (those are teeth) :-P Cheers guys.

fargo 4th October 2007, 14:38 Quote
this service might be ok after beta but I"m against any type of uploading by the service. who knows
what it could be uploading while your viewing!
Bladestorm 4th October 2007, 23:18 Quote
Some of the new channels are nice, the paramount movie channel is well worth a dig through, theres not a huge number of films there but some of them are classics, I think "Paint your wagon" would be one of the westerns my parents watch everytime its on and "True Grit" is ringing bells in my head .. though I'm not sure why. Star Trek: Insurrection wasn't a bad sci-fi film (not great, just not bad either) and some of the other names sound familiar too.
ReelFiles 5th October 2007, 00:36 Quote
Not a bad program, but doesn't look all that great on my TV. Out of all the free internet TV apps I've tried this one probably has the least lag from buffering.
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