Skype worm doing the rounds

Skype worm doing the rounds

Skype has issued a warning to users that there is a worm doing the rounds that is affecting its Windows client.

Skype has issued a warning on its official blog, which states that a new worm has hit the VoIP service’s Windows client this week.

According to Skype, the worm disguises itself as a cleverly-written chat message from another Skype user that includes a web link disguised as a .jpg.

By clicking on the link, the receiver will be prompted to download a .scr file, which is the file that Skype and several security firms have identified as a virus called “w32/Ramex.A”.

If a computer becomes infected by this virus, it will use Skype’s public API to access the PC. The company also warns that if your PC becomes infected, your contacts list and address book may have been harvested for more worm targets.

If your PC has been infected by the worm, Skype has advised users to update their anti-virus definitions before scanning their system to detect and remove the worm.

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Hells_Bliss 11th September 2007, 13:31 Quote
yeah, one of my guys at work decided to infect himself with that yesterday
naokaji 11th September 2007, 13:51 Quote
same as with the virus crap you get in emails....

dont open stuff you are not expecting and dont open stuff form strangers....
-equilerex- 11th September 2007, 18:09 Quote
my friend got it somehow... the thing sent itself to me but im not that dumb to go for that simple stuff:)
proxess 11th September 2007, 19:00 Quote
hah pwn windows.
DXR_13KE 11th September 2007, 22:17 Quote
someday someone will make some kind of virus that will pwn your linux as well proxess.
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