bit-tech June Photo Winner!

bit-tech June Photo Winner!

A mode of transportation for many.

Congratulations to Nath Chandler, who has won June's photo of the month competition, themed Transportation with his entry "Bicycles". Congratulations also to Brett Dunsmore who claims both second and third place with his entries "These feet are made for walking" and "Static Motion".

From this month, we've hooked up with OCZ Technology to give away prizes to first second and third places. However, since Brett won second and third we'll give away a prize to fourth place, 'SuperMonkey', as well.

The full set of results are as follows:

Bicycles - Nath - 47 points.
These feet are made for walking - yodasarmpit - 33 points.
Static Motion - yodasarmpit - 22 points.
The Wheel - supermonkey - 19 points.
Pony Car - thecrownles - 14 points.
Lazy Boy - Tomm - 12 points.
London Tranport - Nath - 12 points.
On Time - Sulk - 9 points.
The Rigging - supermonkey - 8 points.
Touge - ~Link~ - 7 points.
Electric trains for fun and profit - qupada - 6 points.
The Bow - Cptn-Inafinus - 5 points.
Bail Out! - BioSniper - 4 points.
Im not going through there! - oddball_walking - 4 points.
Harvest - Sulk - 4 points.
Greek Fisher - kempez - 3 points.
Internal Combustion - thecrownles - 3 points.
Sail away with me... - qupada - 3 points.
Flying at Dusk - Naked Dave - 2 points.
Through the water. - oddball_walking - 2 points.

We've had the most entries of any month yet, so thank you everyone that took the time to enter!

Click on the picture snap shots for the forum posts with the full images

The bit-tech digital art forum and the Photo of the Month site are the main hubs for our photography competition. It is held monthly and open to anyone that wants to enter as long as you're a member of our forums (it's free to register). The picture can be any photograph of your interpretation of that month's theme, and there is no restriction on what camera you can use. Entries have to be submitted by the 25th of the month, giving you plenty of time to get snapping. The winners are decided by the voting of others who have also entered.

Since winning, Nath was charged with nominating the theme for July and he's chosen: Elegance.

Good luck to everyone for July.

Any questions or comments? Drop us your thoughts here.


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BioSniper 30th June 2007, 14:15 Quote
Now that's an interesting theme choice for next month, I'm not entirely sure what to do for that one.
Bindibadgi 30th June 2007, 14:18 Quote
I took the piss initially and said there's no way I'm camping out in that rain waiting for a swan to take off, but Nath was insistent on his theme :P
yodasarmpit 30th June 2007, 14:55 Quote
w00t, a prize :D

Congrats to Nath on a deserved win.
Firehed 30th June 2007, 18:00 Quote
Nice entries, and the new theme should provide some interesting results. Unfortunately this mess of starting work and trying to move has really limited my opportunities to get out snapping, but I've got some new toys that should fit the theme well plus a proper source of income to hopefully get myself a nice zoom lens :)
kempez 30th June 2007, 19:44 Quote
Nice photo Nath, really looked great :)
DougEdey 30th June 2007, 20:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
I took the piss initially and said there's no way I'm camping out in that rain waiting for a swan to take off, but Nath was insistent on his theme :P

At least no-one will stalk you ;)
Mankz 30th June 2007, 20:58 Quote
Good choice of a theme IMHO.

(only becuase I've just taken some good 'uns)
supermonkey 1st July 2007, 05:16 Quote
Well, I said it in the June POTM thread, but I'll say it here again: Congrats to Nath for his win and to Yoda for taking 2nd and 3rd. Man, there were some great shots this time around.

Good choice on the July theme, too. This should yield some great photos.

oddball walking 1st July 2007, 19:54 Quote
Congrats nath nice choice of theme .
RTT 1st July 2007, 20:40 Quote
Congrats, awesome pic (and awesome entries overall tbh :D)
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