Apple juices iPhone up

Apple juices iPhone up

The iPhone's battery has been improved ahead of the launch - this should silence some critics.

Apple told investors today that it has juiced up the iPhone, fixing two major flaws with the device, ahead of its June 29th launch in America.

After the announcement at this year's MacWorld event, the iPhone came under scrutiny from sceptics attempting to pick holes in the device, the biggest flaw being the fact that the battery was not removable.

The second flaw that critics highlighted was the screen, which was originally made out of plastic and could result in poor durability and scratching.

However, Apple has attempted to silence these critics with two improvements announced today.

Instead of the five hour talktime that was originally quoted, Apple has said that the new battery in the iPhone can achieve eight hours of talktime. Apple also added that the device can handle six hours on the Internets, seven hours of video playback and 24 hours of audio playback.

The second improvement that Apple has announced is that it has changed the screen from plastic to optical-quality glass, which should stop the device from being susceptible to scratching and less than stellar durability.

Of course, we're still puzzled as to why Apple has chosen not to support 3G data connectivity, especially considering its American partner, AT&T, has recently rolled this out. Instead, the device is currently limited to EDGE, which is slower than 3G. Even without 3G data connectivity though, the iPhone is starting to look more attractive in the run up to the launch. I'm sure Steve Jobs hopes that is the case anyway, as he's expecting to sell around 10 million iPhones before the end of next year.

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Ramble 18th June 2007, 18:48 Quote
10 mil, yea right.
I hope no-one wastes their money of one of these.
BioSniper 18th June 2007, 18:50 Quote
Well, I guess if it was possible to obtain without the contract and was correctly priced its a pretty nice alternative to an iPod.
I think the 10 million sales isn't something they will achieve easily but then, stranger things have happened.
DXR_13KE 18th June 2007, 18:52 Quote
nice device but making it exclusive and non 3G is lame as hell.
fev 18th June 2007, 19:30 Quote
like i said before no 3G no sale, using my phone as a modem the last couple of days has been a god send and being limited to speeds pre-broadband would upset me
./^\.Ace./^\. 18th June 2007, 20:35 Quote
I wouldn't mind it if it worked on CDMA :(
The_Beast 18th June 2007, 21:02 Quote
that doesn't matter I still think it is too much for a phone
quack 18th June 2007, 21:59 Quote
I'm sure there will be a hundred different versions/generations released after the initial launch adding in all the features they missed out on the first gen.
Atomic 19th June 2007, 09:25 Quote
They've got to put 3G into it before they release it to europe surely.

I know the US is a couple years behind europe in mobile tech (and we are behind compared to japan!) but expecting us to ge the internet on such slow speeds is just a joke
mmorgue 19th June 2007, 11:03 Quote
...can handle six hours on the Internets

'Internets'! Love it! :p
DougEdey 19th June 2007, 11:06 Quote
Apparantly 3G will be available before European release, which with Apples track record won't be till 2008
TheEclypse 19th June 2007, 11:37 Quote
Im liking the look of the Sony Ericsson W960 over this at the moment. It has similar features, plus a few more - and has a proper keypad. The idea of a keypad without a click response doesnt seem as usable in my mind.
Darkedge 19th June 2007, 15:26 Quote
and in the US the iphone wifi is disabled until you choose a wifi access package - YOU CAN'T EVEN USE IT ON YOUR OWN HOTSPOT.

Suck suck sucky crap.

Avoid like the plague.
2shae 24th June 2007, 21:59 Quote
things that have to change before anyone in Europe will buy this
3g, wifi access without payment, removable battery (cos sending to apple to get a new bat will be highly priced and well all know it), longer warranty and most of all APP SUPPORT, web apps are not true apps, we need full access to everything to make it more usable. And i hope it gets hacked quickly. Imagen custom os's that would be intresting
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