While we’re busy working...

While we’re busy working...

Hugh was having a great time... once he found some bunnies.

... our task master Managing Director, Hugh Chappell, was missing the bunnies in the gardens that surround our offices.

He went off in search of some Taiwanese bunnies, and I managed to find him down at Enermax’s party last night with what looked like some of Taiwan’s top bunnies...

He looks pretty happy, and I’m not surprised because these bunnies were pretty special. They lacked fur, and instead came complete with long legs, short skirts, fishnet stockings and some wicked dance moves. I think I’ve said enough now – anymore and I’ll get myself in trouble.


I'll leave you to enjoy the picture. Of course, you can discuss his findings in the forums.


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knuck 8th June 2007, 06:43 Quote
am i allowed to say "ahh the bastard :D !" ?


Life is not all about computer parts ,and as I can see, sometimes life is good :D
Tim S 8th June 2007, 06:44 Quote
oh yes, life is good - they wore me out after a long session... on the dance floor
knuck 8th June 2007, 06:45 Quote
haha wow the computex looks like a real party , 21 hours days , girls , dancing, WOW
Neogumbercules 8th June 2007, 07:27 Quote
I like the one on his right, kneeling. The camera is making it look like she has a laser eye or something.
BioSniper 8th June 2007, 07:45 Quote
You lucky, lucky, barsteward.. wanna swap places? ;)
crash32953295@msn. 8th June 2007, 07:59 Quote
I bet Will is now hitting himself for leaving and that not being him :p

Dont suppose you can ask enermax to bring them to the i series
Atomic 8th June 2007, 08:51 Quote
Originally Posted by crash32953295@msn.
I bet Will is now hitting himself for leaving and that not being him :p
Wil was 'Mr Bossman Editor' not MD.

MDs don't do any real work anyway... just dont let mine hear me say that :)
tuteja1986 8th June 2007, 15:40 Quote
Will got new friends... he went the TWIT way... Not highly technical community. He didn't go the path of techness god like anand did.
capnPedro 8th June 2007, 16:43 Quote

I think we need a :Pimp: smiley...
pendragon 8th June 2007, 17:46 Quote
woo! lucky man haha ...:D Good to see bunnies flourish in all parts of the globe :D
The_Beast 8th June 2007, 18:12 Quote
wow not bad
./^\.Ace./^\. 9th June 2007, 21:06 Quote
That looks like copyright infringement, I wonder if playboy knows about this :D
olly_lewis 9th June 2007, 21:09 Quote
So do they love him long time... well? Was he so horny...
Glider 9th June 2007, 21:17 Quote
Damn, Are there any job openings at Bit-tech? ;)
CardJoe 9th June 2007, 22:37 Quote
Not since I got hired :D
./^\.Ace./^\. 9th June 2007, 23:27 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Not since I got hired :D
Is anyone going to retire or leave soon :? maybe I could sneek in then. Then I could get all the girls and PC stuff that I have always wanted :D
zhangmaster12 10th June 2007, 16:13 Quote
oooo taiwanese bunnies my favorite kind!
stoff3r 12th June 2007, 23:54 Quote
haha that is such a good picture. i hope he has a wife ^_^
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