bit-tech Photo Of The Month April Winner!

bit-tech Photo Of The Month April Winner!

The fantastic shot with a perfect depth of field was a run away winner.

Congratulations to Trevor Badorrek, who has won Aprils photo of the month, themed Contrast!, Congratulations also to second place 'coorz' with his entry "Behind Glass" and finally third place was 'Bruno_me' with his entry of "Bead of water on a sealed table".

The full set of results are as follows:

Congressional Reds - TekMonkey - 41 points.
Behind glass - coorz - 25 points.
Bead of water on a sealed table - Bruno_me - 21 points.
Reflection and Contrast - Nexxo - 17 points.
Town or Country? - ab1385 - 15 points.
The Darker Side Of My Bretheren - Cptn-Inafinus - 12 points.
Days of Glory - Nath - 11 points.
Shades of Grey - yodasarmpit - 10 points.
Afternoon Sun - Bindibadgi - 10 points.
Pink Flower - Pygo - 9 points.
Styx - oddball_walking - 9 points.
Her Darkness - Cptn-Inafinus - 7 points.
Black and White - yodasarmpit - 5 points.
Elements in Conflict - Starbuck3733T - 4 points.
Another Afternoon Sun - Bindibadgi - 2 points.
Beached - Krikkit - 1 points.

Click on the picture snap shots for the forum posts with the full images
The bit-tech digital art forum and Nath Chandler's site are the main hubs for our photography competition.

It is held monthly and open to anyone that wants to enter as long as you're a member of our forums (it's free to register). The picture can be any photograph of your interpretation of that month's theme, and there is no restriction on what camera you can use. Entries have to be submitted by the 25th of the month, giving you plenty of time to get snapping. The winners are decided by the voting of others who have also entered.

We are now giving away a prize a month to the winner, so that's even more incentive to grab your camera and get out there!

Since winning, Trevor was charged with nominating the theme for May and he's chosen: People.

Good luck to everyone for May, and congrats again to as the April winner!


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yodasarmpit 30th April 2007, 20:26 Quote
Congrats TekMonkey on a very nice shot.
BioSniper 30th April 2007, 20:28 Quote
Grats on the win aa decent (ie non vague) theme too :D
oddball walking 30th April 2007, 20:32 Quote
Well done on winning, good choice of theme :)
Krikkit 30th April 2007, 20:46 Quote
Congrats, but :(, I was last... :'( That'll teach me to mess with the pro's :p
rowin4kicks 30th April 2007, 20:52 Quote
congratulations mate
+ great photo
Pookeyhead 30th April 2007, 21:37 Quote
I totally missed this one... I don't mean entering, as I rarely have time to shoot anything outside of work these days, but I mean just watching it progress and develop. :'(

If it wasn't working away, it was the bloody house move that kept me away.

Anyhooo.... fab work all round from everyone!

I'm glad I'll have more time to spend in Bit Tech now... Not getting my Bit Fix was painful!
unrealhippie 30th April 2007, 21:43 Quote
Great enteries guys! Can I just say it's fantastic that the bit-tech team is giving the photography so much coverage and support, a big thank you from me and I'm sure everyone else appreciates it too!
Veles 1st May 2007, 00:22 Quote
Surprised it wasn't Relix XD
g3n3tiX 1st May 2007, 11:16 Quote
^ same !!
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