Google accused of helping pirates

Google accused of helping pirates

Google is in more hot water with Hollywood studios.

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Google is coming under fire from a group of major media companies after the search giant is believed to have helped websites responsible for offering illegal film downloads.

Brandon Drury and Luke Sample, who owned Easy Download Center and The Download Place, are currently being sued by a number of Hollywood studios.

The two revealed that they got significant support from Google's advertising branch while giving evidence under oath.

There's no doubting that the allegations are a major embarrassment for Google, which has already in the process of addressing the complaints put forward by the studios.

Google is already in constant negotiations with the film industry over the unauthorised use of copyrighted video on YouTube, so this is only going to make those negotiations even more intense.

The search giant didn't comment publicly on the situation, but did say that it is working to remove advertisements relating to copyright infringement, amongst other grey areas. "Discussions with Google have been ongoing for a while, and there's hope it can result in a mutually satisfactory arrangement whereby Google will not give support to pirate sites," said a spokesperson for Sony Pictures.

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mikeuk2004 15th February 2007, 13:06 Quote
Googles having a rough time now.
Flibblebot 15th February 2007, 13:46 Quote
When you are as high profile as Google, and have fingers in as many pies as Google does, it's inevitable that they become a target.
ola_k 15th February 2007, 14:44 Quote
I have now closed my adword account. I found several domains with fake names parked on a domain The "ads by google" mark was not shown, and I asked google if they were google ads. The answer was that they should investigate this. I will not give an example here, that will only help the pirates. This is several days ago now, so I guess google is happy with the situation. The google adword code is visible in the source code so it is no doubt that they are google ads.

Be aware, your money may end up in the pockets of pirates. May be this is why google will not tell you were your ads are shown?

Ola K from Norway.
randosome 15th February 2007, 18:02 Quote
meh - they will just get funding somewhere else, it always happens

Also, Google cant really police every site, and i think it would cost them so much money to audit every site that signs up for Google ads it wouldn't be worth it

Just because Google ads are on a site, doesn't mean they support them
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