Bit-tech Photo Of The Month January Winner!

Bit-tech Photo Of The Month January Winner!

Dom's sister features in his winning entry.

Congratulations to Dom Wrapson who not only won the January 2007 bit-tech Photo of the Month competition with his entry "Winter's here, wrap up warm!, but also was voted second place with his entry "Tracks to Winter". Congratulations also to Hiren Laxman won third place with his first ever entry of "Waiting for Sunshine".

The full set of results are as follows:
  • Wrap Up Warm - Hwulex - 44
  • Tracks to Winter - Hwulex - 35
  • Waiting for Sunshine - -H- - 33
  • Frosty Window - Firehed - 19
  • No Leaves in Winter - supermonkey - 11
  • Fall in Winter - Bindibadgi - 9
  • Purple Trees - Pygo - 7
  • A Salty Winter - Firehed - 5
  • Trees - Green Apple - 4
  • Trees in Winter - supermonkey - 4

Click on the pictures for the forum posts with the full images

The bit-tech digital art forum and Nath Chandlers site are the central hubs for this competition, which is held monthly and open to anyone who wants to enter. The picture must be a photograph, but there is no restriction on what camera to use. Entries have to be submitted usually by the 25th of the month, giving you plenty of time, and the winners are decided by the voting of others who have entered.

Since winning, Dom was charged with nominating February's theme and he's come back to give us: Convergence. In his own words: "...that's the beauty of it, it has several different meaning so it's open to interpretation".

Good luck to everyone for February, and get snapping!


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kenco_uk 31st January 2007, 11:58 Quote
Nice job with promoting the competition there, Bindi. Hopefully there'll be more entries rolling in. I certainly hope to give it a go this month.

Congratulations to Hwulex, whose photo skills continue to impress.

Hmm.. convergence..
Krikkit 31st January 2007, 12:29 Quote
Congrats to -H- as well, nice picture for a first try. :)
BioSniper 31st January 2007, 12:32 Quote
/me beats dom over the head for choosing another non-descript theme :p

Nice work on winning though, twas a great shot ;)
Firehed 31st January 2007, 12:38 Quote
Yeah, what a new theme... need to dig up that creativity hat. Anyways, congrats to the winners. I'm pretty happy with a fourth place entry too, especially considering I wasn't really shooting for the competition at the time but just happened to have taken a few shots that fit the theme and timeframe :)
r4tch3t 31st January 2007, 13:15 Quote
Congratulations ;)
Evenge 31st January 2007, 16:06 Quote
Congratulations! :)
Hiren 31st January 2007, 17:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Krikkit
Congrats to -H- as well, nice picture for a first try. :)

Thanks dude, I was so suprised to get third, Hwulex well deserves his first and second. ;)
Nath 31st January 2007, 17:14 Quote
Congratulations Hwu & Hiren! :D

Feb should be a good month.
ozstrike 31st January 2007, 18:51 Quote
"Congratulations also to Hiren Laxman won third place with his first ever entry of "Waiting for Sunshine"."
I think there should be a "who" in there.
Congrats Hwu and Hiren, great shots ;)
yodasarmpit 31st January 2007, 20:09 Quote
I'm looking forward to this months comp, and well done Dom.
CraZy 1st February 2007, 20:24 Quote
I don't even know what the new theme means but grats to Dom
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