Win Macro's "Scorched Earth" mod!

Win Macro's "Scorched Earth" mod!

Ghoulish glee - you could be the owner of an original Macro mod.

Well, you've had a chance to see Macro's "Scorched Earth" mod in all its glory. But remember where he mentioned that the colour has much more depth in person? Well, now you have a chance to see that, too.

Rock is giving away the "Scorched Earth" notebook that Dave "Macroman" Williams created in a promotion. That's right, you can own a little piece of modding history - an original work by one of the world's most talented modders. Oh, and the notebook is pretty kickass, too.

If you're interested in the specs, you are:
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+,
  • 1GB DDR RAM,
  • NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX 256MB,
  • WSXGA+ "X-Glass" screen,
  • 100GB 7200rpm hard drive,
  • DVD-RW drive.

To enter, just head on over to the rock website official entry page. Once you answer a question that ranks somewhere along the lines of "are you literate enough to read this form," you'll be entered into the drawing. You can enter through November 30, 2006.

So if you liked the mod (or just need a novel new notebook to get the ladies' attention), stop reading this and get on over there!


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monkeyville 1st November 2006, 01:34 Quote
Consider my entry in!
Gravemind123 1st November 2006, 03:21 Quote
Mine too!
Joes2silly 1st November 2006, 03:35 Quote
im in too :D
D3DAiM 1st November 2006, 05:10 Quote
Cool, same.
FredsFriend 1st November 2006, 10:37 Quote
Another challenging compo entry :D
specofdust 1st November 2006, 10:46 Quote
Have to ask, is this gonna shove me on any mailing lists or anything? Always nice to enter something like this, but if I'm gonna get monthly or even anual mail from rock or anyone else I'll pass.
Lazlow 1st November 2006, 11:01 Quote
There's a checkbox on the competition page to remove yourself from any mailing lists.
roadkiller 1st November 2006, 11:14 Quote
I hope I got the question right
Alasdair @ Rock 1st November 2006, 12:05 Quote
Originally Posted by specofdust
Have to ask, is this gonna shove me on any mailing lists or anything? Always nice to enter something like this, but if I'm gonna get monthly or even anual mail from rock or anyone else I'll pass.

tick the box to opt out :-)

we do keep our list to ourselves though and only send mails out when there's a new product (eg when we were first with Core 2 Duo in a laptop we shouted about it). so if you're intersted in the latest laptop tech it's worth being on there
Skill3d 1st November 2006, 16:39 Quote
omg the question was incredibly difficult o_0 =/

count me in on this one... =)
Mother-Goose 2nd November 2006, 15:02 Quote
not sure on its Lady Grabbing potential. For that matter I don't know how any computer is a pulling tactic, honestly, "would you like to see my hard drive?" is not going to get you anywhere.
Kumo 2nd November 2006, 23:35 Quote
Done :D :D
geek1017 2nd November 2006, 23:43 Quote

(I hope I win)
kenco_uk 3rd November 2006, 00:00 Quote
Best of luck everybody! What an amazing prize ;)
bloodcar 10th November 2006, 01:14 Quote
I can't remember if I entered or not... bah.
smoguzbenjamin 4th December 2006, 11:01 Quote
Any word on the winner yet?
Blademrk 5th December 2006, 10:31 Quote
I was wondering that too.
ozstrike 6th December 2006, 22:29 Quote
Originally Posted by smoguzbenjamin
Any word on the winner yet?
smoguzbenjamin 7th December 2006, 00:24 Quote
Compo closed a week ago tomorrow... I wonder what's taking them? Quite frankly, I want to know for sure that I lost so I can stop fantasizing about having a fancy-shmancy macromodded notebook of my own.
smoguzbenjamin 8th December 2006, 20:59 Quote
Holy **** I just had a heart-attack :)

Checked my email and saw an email from ""... "this can't be real!" think I. And sadly I was correct. It was just advertising for Rock's pegasus range :(

Maybe the draw isn't till X-mas?
Da Dego 11th December 2006, 21:33 Quote
A winner has indeed been announced today at about 2PM EST:

Gareth Higgs

Congrats to Gareth (I'm not sure if he's a bit-tech member? Surely he'd be here to gloat by now!), and thanks to everyone who entered the compo!

We'll get the official press release up here as soon as posible.
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