Adult industry leader goes with Blu-Ray

Adult industry leader goes with Blu-Ray

The latest blockbuster release from DigitalPlayground is Pirates.

Top porn purveyors Digital Playground are backing Blu-Ray over HD-DVD in the upcoming format wars, according to a report on

Digital Playground is an important company in the adult biz, because it has been the first to ship both standard DVD and WMV HD versions of its films in retail. Its latest feature film, Pirates, has broken all kinds of records for awards, nominations, budgets and performances. It is basically the leader in HD adult content.

The company is betting on the fact that the PlayStation 3 will be a 'trojan horse' which gets Blu Ray into homes and drives adoption. It also mentioned the copy protection features of the format as being a bonus over HD-DVD.

Last year, DigitalPlayground told me that it intended to film all its new content in HD, since it would future proof its back-catalogue, as well as be a unique selling point for current consumers. It also confirmed that Microsoft was giving a helping hand with WMV HD.

Is this another nail in the coffin for HD-DVD, or could the format still bounce back with its strong support from Intel and Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts in the forum.