Bit-Torrent users targeted in a crackdown

Bit-Torrent users targeted in a crackdown

Is Bit-Torrent all bad? There are legal ways to use the software, could these people be wrongly convicted?

Bit-Tech forumite MrWillyWonka writes:

"Use Bit-Torrent? Maybe this'll start getting you scared.

A man from Hong Kong was fined $641US (~ £360) for downloading TV shows and copyrighted materials illegally. Whilst £360 mightn't seem that much (probably compared to the value of materials you've downloaded), they've promised to get tough on Torrent users.

We have already seen torrent sites shut down, big companies targeting music downloaders, targeting of P2P sites, and although Bit-Torrent has been the target for a while, nothing major was ever done.

Is torrent all that bad though? Take a look at this article where Bit-Torrent is used for a good.

""This ruling means a lot," said Hong Kong Commerce Secretary John Tsang, explaining that it would deter other possible file-sharers."

Will this deter you? Would you risk paying fines for the sake of downloading pirated movies, music and games? Or to download TV shows? What the heck do we pay our TV licenses for!"

You can read the full story on the BBC. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.