Bit Torrent wipes out it's tracks

Bit Torrent wipes out it's tracks

Trackerless torrents will be easier to set up, but won't provide stats.

The developers of Bit torrent have released a beta version of their software that makes the publishing of torrent files easier, due to the option of creating trackerless files. This from the Inquirer:

Currently if you want to publish a BitTorrent file you have to create a tracker on your webserver so that downloaders can find each other.

This is a bit tricky and beyond the ability of most users. Now, according to the BitTorrent site, a new version contains an optional 'trackerless' method of publication.

More along with links to the new version here.

Easy to set up, but no stats from the file. And the onus of tracking the download gets shifted to the client machine. Good or bad? Discuss.