F-Secure proves phone viruses can't crash cars

Written by Jason Cundall

May 10, 2005 // 3:38 p.m.

Tags: #bluetooth #f-secure

F-Secure have gone to extraordinary lengths to prove that a modern car's on-board computers are safe from mobile phone virus attacks. ZDnet reports on the details around this bizarre trial:

Anti-virus experts have concluded that mobile phone viruses are unable to infect cars.

Technicians at F-Secure announced on Monday they had quashed rumours that mobile phone viruses could spread to cars via Bluetooth, after failing to infect the onboard computer of a Toyota Prius with the mobile phone virus Cabir.

This test comes after Russian antivirus company Kaspersky revealed in January that it had been contacted by someone looking to remove a virus from a car's computer.

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All this effort after one person asks to get a virus off his Lexus... I can't believe the initial reports coming out of Russia where for real. And in closing, I've got to ask - why where the tests done at 42 meters below sea level? Does an increase in pressure aid bluetooth virus potency?

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