Kerbal Space Program getting educational mod

Kerbal Space Program getting educational mod

Features of the mod intend to make it easier for teachers to manipulate around specific lessons.

Kerbal Space Program is getting a classroom-friendly mod thanks to KerbalEdu.

The mod will make the space rocket building sim more friendly for a classroom environment including an improved user interface to make it easier to gather data and summaries as well as pre-made lessons to focus on specific constructions. It will also allow for the game to be switched to the metric system.

KerbalEdu is being developed by TeacherGaming, the same team that worked on bringing Minecraft to the classroom with MinecraftEdu in 2012. No release date has been announced for the finished project

Collaborating with Kerbal Space Program developer Squad, until the mod is released teachers will be able to buy the un-modified Kerbal Space Program build for $17 as opposed to $27, or they can by 25 copies for $330. They will then receive the KerbalEdu mod for free after it is released.

Kerbal Space Program is still being developed and the alpha build is available through its own site or through Steam Early Access. The title has already proved to be a huge hit and is even a popular distraction for scientists at NASA.

At present, players can work on taking a crew into space, to land on 'Mün' and even to build an orbiting space station in separate modules. A wider campaign mode is still being developed for Kerbal Space Program and is planned for the full release.


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chrisb2e9 1st February 2014, 03:29 Quote
It will also allow for the game to be switched to the metric system
it already measures distance/speed/part size, in meters.
Isn't that metric?
dolphie 2nd February 2014, 15:15 Quote
Shame it's so lacking in actual gameplay. I'm sure if they made it more 'fun' they wouldn't need to be looking for alternative markets for the game, they would be too busy rolling in cash from being the next big hit.
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