Tom Clancy’s “The Division” Announced

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” Announced

I'm gonna have to go into the map.

Ubisoft has revealed Tom Clancy's The Division, a totally new third-person post-pandemic tactical shooter.

Closing out Ubisoft’s Press conference at E3, the reveal of Tom Clancy’s The Division was one of the few stellar moments in the presentation.

The game asks serious questions about governmental infrastructure falling apart in the wake of a pandemic, sending New York into chaos. The only way the world can be put right is with the help of a crack team of special agents: the eponymous Division.

The demo shown saw a small team attempting to infiltrate a police station overrun by outlaws. After the police station is cleared of enemies the team calls for extraction and are beset by other player characters attempting to attack them. This speaks of a massive persistent world with separate factions.

It’s unclear how much of the gameplay will function in a single player mode as seemingly it is highly necessary to remain online and partner up with friends to take on objectives. Interestingly, though console players are limited to using controllers, the demo showed a drone being controlled by a character using a tablet device, suggesting a bringing together of console and casual play.

The demo also showed a very nifty map interface that shows a virtual city projected on to the world surrounding the player. This is opened via the inventory menu which is shown asa very funky hologram-type interface surrounding the players wrist.

The Division will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4.


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Phil Rhodes 11th June 2013, 09:48 Quote
And Clancy's actual involvement in this, other than selling them his name, is...?
sotu1 11th June 2013, 10:01 Quote
this does look good actually. a bit like a polished Day Z
blacko 11th June 2013, 13:34 Quote
why didn't they show Rainbow Six Patriots? //shakes fist at ubisoft.

I can see a lot of ghost recon in the above video as well. especially the animations (both character and floating text stuff) and the cover system. This game could be pretty decent.
Sub-particle 0.76 11th June 2013, 20:42 Quote
Yea, where's Rainbow Six. I have pre-ordered since last year. Release date have been bumped once, twice next?
Baz 12th June 2013, 09:42 Quote
Have to say, this is my favourite game from E3 so far.
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