Nanoxia launches massive Deep Silence 6, working on mini-ITX too

Nanoxia launches massive Deep Silence 6, working on mini-ITX too

Harry has somehow managed to make this case look small - it is not!

Nanoxia has added a new enormous case to its quiet-focussed Deep Silence range, and shown a prototype of its upcoming mini-ITX case.

The Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 (Big Tower) is a new super-sized addition to the Deep Silence range, with support for E-ATX motherboards, four optical drive bays, and 10 x 3.5in drives (convertible to support 2.5in).

Like other Deep Silence cases, it features noise dampening on its front and sides and has an integrated fan controller. In the roof there's support for a full-thickness 3 x 120mm radiator while the front also has room for a 2 x 120mm radiator.

It's not a revolution in terms of design but is a tidy enough looking black cuboid, and with Nanoxia's focus on low noise, it should prove a solid all-round performer for those not won over by the current trend for smaller and smaller cases.

Speaking of which... the company has also taken the opportunity of Computex 2013 to show off a nearly finished mini-ITX case. As yet unnamed, it has a similar layout to the Bit Fenix Prodigy with the motherboard mounted horizontally at the rear and other components largely stacked vertically, to keep the case's footprint small. Here the motherboard is above the 3.5in drive bays while an optical drive sits above the power supply.

Nanoxia launches massive Deep Silence 6, working on mini-ITX too Nanoxia launches massive Deep Silence 6, working on mini-ITX too

Perhaps its key feature, though, is that the motherboard tray slides out, allowing for an easy system build.

The company hasn't yet decided whether it will include a 5.25in bay, or whether to only allow for slimline drives - let us know your thoughts in the forum. There are also a few other design tweaks to be made, so again it's a good opportunity to have your say on which way you'd like the design to go.

Nanoxia doesn't have a finish date set for this new mini-ITX case but says it should hopefully be turning it around within the next few months.


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Xir 9th June 2013, 15:20 Quote
Well I've been looking for a small case that doesn't have massive holes but that has been optimesed for silence.
Tungil90 25th November 2013, 10:22 Quote
Are you going to test the Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 in the near future? :)
Would be awesome! ;)
Nexxo 25th November 2013, 12:04 Quote
That mini-ITX case looks swish.
Cthippo 25th November 2013, 12:44 Quote
Any word on pricing and performance for the big one? I could usea new eATX case, possibly more than one :)
Tungil90 25th November 2013, 15:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Cthippo
Any word on pricing and performance

Price is 199,99€ in Germany and 199Pound in the UK


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