Alphacool working on cheaper graphics card waterblocks

Alphacool working on cheaper graphics card waterblocks

The NVXP Titan waterblock uses a stainless steel top, acetal body and copper inserts.

Alphacool has released photos of its new range of full-cover GPU waterblocks.

The company has a long history of making water-cooling hardware, and has been working on a new GPU full-cover waterblock design, which preliminary tests over at Hardware Max show to be extremely competitive too.

The Alphacool NVXP Titan waterblock features an unusual construction method, using a stainless steel top and a large acetal body. Strangely, the underside isn't an all-copper affair.

Instead, copper inserts protrude from the acetal body to reach the hot spots on the PCB, with individual inserts dealing with each RAM module and VRM chips.

Alphacool working on cheaper graphics card waterblocks
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It's an interesting design that makes use of injection moulding to reduce the amount of metal required to make the waterblock. This has apparently had a knock-on effect with the price too - the Alphacool NVXP Titan full-cover waterblock is slated to retail at just £70.

This is £5-10 cheaper than the most affordable full-cover GPU waterblocks for Nvidia's Titan graphics card available at the moment and up to £40 less than some of the more expensive models.

What do you make of Alphacool's new waterblock? Let us know in the forum.


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Tynecider 16th May 2013, 22:37 Quote
I would have thought £50 would be cheap no?
Maki role 16th May 2013, 23:12 Quote
This sort of manufacturing is probably a little more relevant for those not investing in £850 graphics cards and a watercooling setup...

Still, it looks nice at least, and if it performs as mentioned then it's a strong contender. Thing is though, you're simply not saving very much. The blocks that retail for ~£40 more, like the EK XXL and Koolance NXTTN, generally include the backplate in their package, so really you should knock ~£25 off their prices. The next most expensive blocks are all nickel plated, unlike this block. So when comparing like with like, you're only saving £5/10 as mentioned in the article.

Now if we start talking £50 for future, lower end cards then it's more meaningful.
Big Elf 16th May 2013, 23:29 Quote
It's an interesting concept and the test results seem pretty good but the price is way too high. They need to work on the aesthetics as well, this one is fugly.
bodkin 16th May 2013, 23:45 Quote
Steel and copper? Does that not lead to galvanic corrosion?
The_Crapman 16th May 2013, 23:59 Quote
I too am disappointed in the price and aesthetics. IMO the current crop of alphacool block are the best looking on the market, and considering they can be had for £76, this seems like a paltry saving at massive detriment to the looks.
Originally Posted by bodkin
Steel and copper? Does that not lead to galvanic corrosion?
steel is a much more stable alloy, unlike copper, nikel and aluminium which are all elemental metals and therefore prone to enjoying the odd chemical reaction.
riekmaharg2 17th May 2013, 12:41 Quote
Originally Posted by bodkin
Steel and copper? Does that not lead to galvanic corrosion?

Not with stainless steel I don't think.
blackerthanblack 17th May 2013, 13:47 Quote
An interesting design, but I think a stage further would be better with modular or adjustable inserts into the housing to suit varying cards - it would push the price up but as others have said, it's not that cheap anyway.
Tangster 17th May 2013, 13:56 Quote
The title really ought to say "cheaper Titan blocks". I was getting hopeful about alphacool's future blocks costing less than current ones, not that the Titan block is cheaper. Hopefully the tech will trickle down into the GTX760(or equivalent)blocks for next generation.
phuzz 17th May 2013, 17:16 Quote
Every time I think about watercooling my graphics card, I look at the prices for blocks and think "for that much I might as well wait a bit and upgrade my graphics card first". So I do upgrade, then I look at the price of blocks and think "for that much..."
The_Crapman 17th May 2013, 18:57 Quote
Strap an aio cooler on it. Rad, block and pump for 50quid. Bargain!
Joey Propane 17th May 2013, 19:08 Quote
"budget" and "Titan" don't really fit too well together in my opinion...
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